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Classic Cat Tree B7701

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    Model No.: B7701; Covering Material: Faux Fleece; Covering Color: Ivory ; Board Material: Plywood; Post Diameter: 3.5"; Overall Dimensions: 36"(L)X31"(W)X77"(H) ; Base Dimensions: 26" X 24"; House Dimensions: 20"(L)X14"(W)X13"(H) & 14"(L)X14"(W)X13"(H); Perch Dimensions: 14" X 14"; Extra Feature: Ramp; Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools; Max Holding Weight: 80 lbs.


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  • Review
    • 4
      Extremely wobbly

      Posted by Aldo Gonzalez on 8th Aug 2023

      Despite it being a beautiful cat tree, it’s extremely wobbly even after vigorously screwing everything in its place. It’s very disappointing having to deal with the anxiety of it tipping over while my cat is using it because of how wobbly it is.

    • 4
      This is our third time buying this tree

      Posted by Jessica Bialon on 4th Jul 2022

      We are now on number three. We bought our first one in 2012. We replaced it with the exact same tree due to how dirty it was getting (six cats) in 2016. The second tree seemed to not have as sturdy a fabric because it ripped off shortly after getting it on the main cubby. Not a huge deal but it was disappointing. Well, it is 2022 and the front scratchers are wearing thin and the fabric is pretty dirty (six cats) so we bought the same tree to replace it. I am hoping the fabric on the top of the main cubby is as sturdy as #1 was. Maybe they just missed a spot when glueing the fabric on.

    • 5
      My cat loves the upper box and high platforms

      Posted by Meg on 9th May 2019

      This product is really well made and very easy to put together. My cat was not a fan of low level "apartments" but I am really pleased to see that he immediately took to the upper level box. He likes to sleep in it at night or sprawl out on the top platforms. I have since given this tree to my foster cats and one of them took to the lower apartment right away.

    • 5
      This is an excellent cat tree

      Posted by Tom B on 24th Mar 2019

      This is an excellent cat tree. I’ve had the model B7701 for 2 ½ years with a 17 lb indoor cat enjoying it daily. He takes running leaps and it is very stable. He has 2 favorite perches at the top that he sleeps or just lays on all the time. The scratching post has to be the best on the market. The rope is tight and after all this time his favorite spot to dig his claws is finally fraying in one area. He has many of these posts to choose from with this model. The carpet on it is high quality also with no signs of wear. I have outdoor cats and decided to get a second one of this model. The new one is indoors and the old one went outside in the garage. It was an instant hit with the mom cat and the kittens. For the kittens, I changed the configuration to make it lower. I got 3 sections that are low enough for the kittens to enjoy until they get bigger. This is a tall unit and can be top heavy if your cat is very big. I fastened it to the wall with a 2” corner bracket attached to the second tallest perch and it is solid and does not move. I think they should add this in the hardware but this bracket is less than $1. Very easy to assembly and tools are included. I’ll give it 10 stars since I own 2 off them. Walmart had the best price when I bought the second unit.

    • 5
      Great product

      Posted by Marilyn Miller on 1st Jul 2018

      Sturdy design. Cats loved it immediately and were running up and down. Very pleased with the product. Recommend it highly

    • 5
      Big Hit with all 5 of my feline friends

      Posted by Janet on 30th Apr 2018

      My cats were climbing on and scratching this new cat tree as I put it together. There is always one or two cats lounging on it. It is definitely a big hit in this house. This product is easy to put together and sturdy. Even my 15lb cat fits comfortably on all levels.

    • 5
      This Ain't My First Rodeo

      Posted by Gayle Erickson on 23rd Nov 2017

      I have 4 cats. This unit replaces the exact same unit that they and their predecessors have worn apart. I and they love the new one. The assembly was simple, relatively rapid, and resulted in a sturdy handsome structure. Kudos to you. I admired your compact shipping arrangement the first time some years ago. You can't improve perfection.

    • 5
      Cats are so happy!

      Posted by Adrian Keener on 9th Mar 2017

      I shopped high and low for a cat tree that was large and would fit in with my minimalist modern decor. This was no easy task. For some reason most of the cat trees I found were such an eyesore. Not this one! This is an affordable option for a cat lover that also cares about aesthetics. It was easy to put together and I've just discovered that you can buy replacement posts. I've had this tree for about a year and my cats have shredded one of the jute covered posts. They love scratching it and that makes me happy because they do not shred my couch. I did add a little padding on one of the perches that they like to sleep on because they are pretty hard and they love that.

    • 5
      Your cats will love you for buying this tower!

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2016

      We ordered the tower, took advantage of the free shipping, and it arrived within a few days. The assembly instructions were clear and very easy to follow. Our cats had a deluxe tower within an hour after its arrival--and boy, do they love it! Our kitties' reaction: The youngest one rarely leaves the top perch; the middle one sleeps all day in the smaller house; the oldest doesn't climb, but uses the poles for scratching. Remember that you might have to brace the tower against a wall, depending on how hard your kitties play. Great deal in every way!

    • 2
      So Unstable!

      Posted by Casie Marburger on 6th Nov 2016

      I decided to go with an armarkat tree because of all the positive reviews for a new cat tree and since they look nice. This tree is so horribly designed I am surprised it is for sale! It is so wobbly that even my kitten makes it move badly just by taking a bath on it and I have tightened the bolts as much as possible. I will never purchase another armarkat tree, very disappointing. If you care for your cat's safety, do not get this tree.

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