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  1. For any questions, please email or leave a voicemail at 609.331.9993. You should receive a response within 24 hours (weekend calls will be returned the next business day).
  2. For questions about our products, please email
    • The reason the replacement is needed, such as damages or defects.
    • Model number of the product and replacement part ID: See product assembly instructions or If you aren’t sure of the part ID, please email digital photos to
    • Purchase receipt with Order Number, Date of Purchase, and Shipping Address. If unable to provide receipt, send your Name, Shipping Address, Date, and Vendor from whom item was purchased.
  3. To return products: If you purchased from one of our distributors, please contact the seller to follow their return policy. If you purchased from this website, please refer to our return policy.
  4. Vendors: To learn about our wholesale program, please contact For wholesale programs in Europe, please visit
  5. Warranty Registration: Please click on the link here to register your product.

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