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Interior design and your cat tree

Interior design and your cat tree

Posted by Armarkat on 3rd Jun 2024

Pet furniture should coordinate with other furniture in your home and fit your personal style. We interviewed Alberta-based interior designer Katherine Kifiak for advice on selecting the perfect cat tree for your home and where to place it for maximum impact.

How long have you been involved in interior design? What are some of the projects you’ve worked on?

I have been involved in interior design since 2005. I was previously a Decorate Artist at Albert’s first designated historical site, The Magrath Mansion in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I have worked on projects such as: home renovations, patio styling, remote work-force accommodations, park model styling, as well as styling a healing center room, treatment room and front foyer. I have also gathered a collaboration of art for various styled rooms for clients.

What is your favorite aesthetic in interior design?

I love to use bright colors to bring a room to life. I love to place something unique with a room to grab attention to the viewer's eye. A cozy and inviting aesthetic is ideal for me.

What makes pet furniture an integral part of decorating a home?

A piece of pet furniture should look as visually appealing and stylish as the other pieces in the room. A piece of pet furniture will make your pet feel cozy and playful while giving them a space to relax.

What advice do you have for pet owners seeking to incorporate pet furniture into their home’s interior style?

Always pick a piece of pet furniture that will be functional and appealing in your space; incorporate it with the theme of the room like a piece of art.

You’ve created some amazing design examples using Armarkat cat trees! Why did you select those specific cat trees and put them in those specific positions?

I selected these pieces as they are extra large, visually appealing, functional and very cost-friendly for your beloved pet.

Katherine chose backgrounds from Restoration Hardware’s design catalog to illustrate the positioning of her favorite Armarkat cat trees.

Katherine’s first cat tree selection was Giant Cat Tower for Multiple Cats A8104, a 6.7-foot dark gray cat tree with three cat condos and four perches, ready to hold several cats who love to climb. With well-proportioned lines and strong posts, it is sturdy, practical, and visually appealing. The cat tree’s placement on the side of the room does not disrupt the view and also provides distance from other furniture, preventing the room from looking crowded. This particular room visualization includes a fenced-in porch, so placing the cat tree inside while being near a safe outdoor space for cats ensures that cats have an excellent view of both the indoor area and outdoors.

Katherine’s second pick was Classic Cat Tree A7101. This model comes in a sophisticated navy blue and stands at 5.9 feet tall to give your cat a superior view. The cat tree’s ramp, tunnel, cat condo, and rope attachment provide many playful options for your cat’s entertainment, as well as creative shapes to contrast pleasantly with your furniture arrangement. This cat tree has been visualized in a smaller room, carefully placed so that the cat is within jumping distance of the bed and any other furniture they are allowed to climb.

Armarkat’s website offers free shipping to the continental United States for most products. Canadian customers can easily purchase Armarkat cat products on and Wayfair Canada, as well as smaller retailers.

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Interview with Katherine Kifiak

Photo backgrounds from Restoration Hardware