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Classic Cat Tree A7101

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    Model No.: A7101 ;  Covering Material: Faux Fur;  Covering Color:  Navy Blue ;  Board Material:  Pressed Wood;  Post Diameter:  3.5";  Overall Dimensions: 32"(L)X30"(W)X71"(H);  Base Dimensions:  24" X 18";  House Dimensions: 14"(W)X12"(L)X12"(H);  Perch Dimensions: 14" X 12";  Extra Feature: Hanging Tunnel, Ramp;  Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools;  Max Holding Weight: 50 lbs.


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    • 5
      My cats are fighting over it!

      Posted by Sarah on 28th Jul 2015

      Both of my cats have taken their battle for dominance to this new cat tree. They both love it! It is well constructed and was easy to put together. The material is soft.

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      Posted by PAMELA on 12th Mar 2014


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      great overall, some design flaws

      Posted by Celeste Onorati on 30th Dec 2013

      Really like the construction materials. Because of the size you have to lean it against a wall. It makes no sense to have the circular piece, useless. The very top shelf and the cube is too small. We replaced our 4 year old Atmarkat which our 3 cats loved, especially our 15 lb Maincoone. He is so disappointed because he does not fit in the cube anymore, this was his favorite place to sleep. He tries, but the circular cutout on the cube doesn't allow him to stretch out like the other one did. We feel so bad. Maybe we can cut this out? Overall the quality is nice, however poorly planned for its size. Your ordering and shipping is superior, thank you for this great customer service. I guess We should have looked at the cube and top shelf dimensions a little closer. Celeste, Jonathan and Aimee

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      5 paw rating!

      Posted by Renee on 17th Dec 2013

      My cat LOVES this tree. It's almost 3 years old (the tree) and has held up very well. The blue fur matches the furniture and looks very natural in the surroundings.

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      Great product for the price

      Posted by Marilyn T on 23rd May 2013

      I started to order a cat tree from Amazon and then read the review which stated the customer was disappointed and wished he had stayed with Armarkat. I am very pleased with this cat tree. It is very sturdy and my 3 cats were curious right away. I will continue to use your products.

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      Classy, Easy, and Fun

      Posted by pat on 18th Feb 2013

      I am a female senior citizen. Ordered this for my five cats. Arrived fully intact. Every part was labeled. ABC, etc. All hardware in bag along with the two tools needed for assembly. (No extra tools needed!) Assembled it in less than an hour. It is not overly huge so it fits well in any room. It is sturdy and doesn't sway even when my Maine Coon jumps to the top. She is a big lady. Had to hunt for the toys as the cats pulled them out of the box and disappeared with them. No catnip needed to lure them to it. Soon as I was finished, one sleeping in the box, others hitting the perches. Very satisfied with this tree.

    • 5

      Posted by Susan K Pope on 29th Oct 2012

      This is the second cat condo I've purchased we still use the other one and it looks new but both of my cats want to sit on the highest part. They have so much fun running up and down chasing each other it is worth every penny. We have replaced some of the poles because they get used up but it's worth it.

    • 5

      Posted by Deborah on 3rd Sep 2012

      This cat tree is perfect for my extra large kitty.It doesn't tip over when he flies to the top. My other 3 love it also.It's very easy to assemble too.

    • 5
      Luv It! Luv It! Luv It!

      Posted by Evelyn J. Annapolis MD on 14th Aug 2012

      My Muffin Puffin Luvs his new cat tree! I didn't like the cat trees available in the stores. Too expensive or too ugly to sit in my living room. I was very surprised how nice and soft the carpet covering is. The cat tree looks great and is a great bargin. It was easy to put together. I'll be buying another tree soon for the guest room.

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      A Five Paw Review!

      Posted by Silkie the Cat (Isadora & Ralph Kimmence's owner) on 22nd Jun 2011

      After showing my meowmy and daddy how proficient I am in scaling their beautiful tall antique furniture while romping around the house, they decided that it was time for me to have some of my own to leap from and lounge upon. So they spent a while time looking around for some quality feline furniture using the "#(($&$) computer" until they found your website. They wanted to get a sturdy, stylish, but yet stimulating play set for me to keep busy, and even sleep on when I finally get tired - (HA! as if that ever happens)! So, in conclusion, this model A7101 meets and even exceeds all of my needs and wants. I can jump up on the tree and play to my hearts content, scratch on the sisal posts without hurting myself or the posts, climb so high without fear of breaking something, or losing my grip. I can play with the cat toys that are strung up and brush up against the rope to preen my beautiful black and white Tuxedo fur. The ramp makes it easier for me to climb up when I have a lazy day and don't feel like jumping up. I am 10 years old and there will be a day when it will be hard for me to jump up, but I won't have to worry about that now. My meowmy even ordered another condo unit and added it to the third tier of the system so I can catch a cat nap in another part of the tree if I got tired of the other one, which I do from time to time. I like heights. The plush faux fur is so soft, comfy, and warm to curl up when sleeping in the condo or just lounging in the tunnel. Thank you for designing this wonderful play set for me. Keep up the great work! I will have daddy take pictures and send them to you when I get him to use the "@^#)#) digital camera" (I don't know why humans tend to use use expletives when they use machines - after all, you are the ones with opposing thumbs and supposedly are more flexible then we animals! But...I...digress...Silkie the Cat!

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