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3 Ways to Celebrate Catmas

3 Ways to Celebrate Catmas

Posted by Armarkat on 23rd Nov 2023

Catmas is the holiday season for both cats and dogs! As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, your evenings indoors are perfect for spending quality time with your pets. With the holidays approaching, your pets can be part of the festivities, too. Here are some ways your cat or dog can be merry with you:

  1. Make a warm and cozy atmosphere

You might be putting up decorations, listening to holiday music, or watching a holiday film, but did you know that you can make your space cozier for your pets as well? Armarkat’s beds for cats and dogs not only keep your pets warm and comfy, but many are also machine washable–the holidays are meant for taking it easy, after all. Armarkat Cuddler Bed (Models C70NBS-S and C70NBS-M) Ultra Plush and Soft are like clouds that any cat or small dog can sink into while watching you deck the halls. Thinking about Christmas colors? Armarkat Cat Bed C16HTH/MH is like a light crimson sleeping bag, and it can expand out into a cozy blanket. If you have a lot of hard flooring in your home, this bed can create a much warmer floor space for your cat.

We also offer two varieties of pet steps that can lead up to your bed or other surfaces for easy cuddles! Classic Pet Steps B4001 has four steps and Classic Pet Steps B3001 has three. Let your cat or small dog join your relaxation space.

2.Keep some wall space for cats

Holiday wall decorations can be tempting targets for curious pets. That’s why Armarkat has wall furniture for cats that can give them their own space to play. Many different shapes and ledges offer an elegant and creative aesthetic that your cat will also appreciate. Wooden wall units such as the Tree W1907A with Condo, Perch, and Stepup and the Sun Shape Cat Wall Shelves blend in easily with many kinds of decor, but they can also be painted (with a layer of sealant to bind the paint to the surface). Customizable wall units themselves can be interactive cat-friendly decorations!

3.Prepare for pet travels

Traveling with your pet? Get an Armarkat pet backpack or pet carrier to keep them cozy for any length of journey. Armarkat Pet Carrier PC102R has padded straps for your comfort and a padded interior for your pet’s. Three zip openings provide easy access and an expandable mesh canopy allows your pet to get an even larger view while on the floor. Another versatile option is the Armarkat Pets Backpack PC301P in Pink and Gray, which also has a large mesh window for your cat or small dog to safely look out of while you’re on the go. The pet backpack is designed for hiking, walking, and outdoor use. It also is airline-approved for travel enthusiasts.

Catmas is coming! Will you be prepared?

Quote of the day: “I’m on the naughty list and I couldn’t care less!” - Your cat