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Premium Cat Tree X7805

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    Model No.: X7805;  Covering Material: Ultra-soft Faux Fleece;  Covering Color:  Goldenrod;  Board Material:  Pressed Wood;  Post Diameter:  3.5";  Overall Dimensions: 42"(L)X26"(W)X78"(H);  Base Dimensions:  24" X 20";  House Dimensions: 14"(W)X12"(H); 14"(L)X14"(W)X12"(H);  Perch Dimensions: 14" X 14";  Extra Feature: Doubled Base; Hammock;  Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools;  Max Holding Weight: 70 lbs.


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      Lovely Addition

      Posted by Jennifer H on 16th Jul 2018

      It's big! I knew it was, but seeing it assembled and standing next to wall made me realize that I really want vaulted ceilings. It wasn't difficult to put together, except for tightening the attachments (rope ladder, etc). That part took a lot more effort than it should have and I may have consecrated this thing with my blood a little... but I'm not an engineer so I have no idea how to fix that... Other reviews I saw mentioned that the material covering the boards was less than quality, but I have found that it's actually really soft. Like ridiculously soft. I could wrap myself in blankets made of that stuff... There are three things that I would like to remark on: 1) The lack of customization sucks. With such a high quality product, you should consider offering custom color schemes for extra cost. Luckily this one is pretty neutral so it'll go with just about anything. And I'm thinking about just getting some good quality fabric dye and going to town. 2) The top two levels- the hanging basket and the perch- are not very easily accessible. I have 2 cats, one who loves to climb and the other who just kind of tolerates it but likes to be up high (we call him Diva) and neither one of them can reach the top tiers without assistance. If they can't get up there alone, they certainly can't get down! So I worry about my older cat being injured if he gets too frisky and climbs all the way up... Maybe adding one more piece of board as a bridge between the tiers would help. Or maybe just remove the top perch? 3) While the material is very soft, there is no padding between it and the boards underneath so it isn't very comfortable. My babies won't lay on it for more than an hour before they can't take it. I've got a couple small pillows that I've put on the spots where they like to sleep, but I'm a little sad that I have to do that myself (especially since this is a "premium" cat tree). Overall, I'm very very happy with this product! I am definitely going to be purchasing another in the future (but smaller)!

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      Posted by T Rowe on 7th Sep 2017

      This is a gorgeous cat tree. Recommended by our breeders. We have three, and this is the best. Sturdy, interesting. Thanks!!!

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      Kitty Party!

      Posted by on 14th Dec 2016

      Great quality product and pretty easy to assemble! Instructions could use a little facelift but it's still a great product

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      LOVE IT!

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2015

      Love this product, and so do my cats.

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      description is lacking

      Posted by Richard Llewellyn on 24th Jul 2015

      The item description doesn't mention that it's constructed entirely of particle board. Also the "faux fur" is nothing more that cheap Terry cloth. I'd be afraid to figure out what the other materials used are. From Armarkat: The Faux Fur is exactly that--and it is very soft and appealing to the feline. It is not terry cloth. The particle board has been determined to hold up best while remaining light enough to make the tree affordable. Don't forget, Armarkat has been continuously improving its products for 20 years!

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      Kitties love it!

      Posted by Nicole on 3rd Jul 2015

      The box was a little beat up when it arrived but the product itself is great and was relatively easy to assemble. My cats absolutely love it. I knew it was going to be big but definitely underestimated the size of it. I am very impressed and highly recommend this tower.

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      best thing ever

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2015

      We have a kitten that demanded alot of attention. Since getting this she has become more independent. She loves it. Spends many hours. Sometimes jumping from one level to next, others just sleeping in the nest or on the top level looking out the window. would recommend it to all.

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      Excellent quality, design, and value

      Posted by Marta Avery on 16th Jul 2014

      This was the second cat tree I purchased from Armarkat and, once again, I'm very impressed! I have 6 cats who all love heights and cozy nap spots [don't they all?! Lol]. This design is perfect for multi-cat families because there are enough high perches AND comfy, cozy naptime spots to please them all at once. °°°No more fights

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      Ricky LOVES it!!

      Posted by Ricky's mommy on 4th Mar 2014

      My cat Ricky is really interested in being as high up as possible and this tree was the perfect match for him. All of the pieces were included and assembly was relatively easy. The wrench that was included wasn't quite the right size but I luckily had one that was at home. My only complains would be the shedding of the carpet material initially, which i vacuumed right up and that the base should be wider considering the height of this thing. Ricky weighs about 12 lbs. and when he makes the leap from the very top platform to the ground the tree does wobble quite a bit though never falling over. Bottom line is that we both love this product and will surely be back for more in the future.

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      Missing part

      Posted by Nikki on 23rd Dec 2013

      Pretty good cat tree except one of the crucial parts in the structure of the tree was missing an had to get a replacement part

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