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Classic Cat Tree A6901

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    Model No.: A6901 ; Covering Material: Ultra-thick Faux Fur; Covering Color: Beige; Board Material: Pressed Wood; Post Diameter: 3.5"; Overall Dimensions: 48"(L)X22"(W)X69"(H); Base Dimensions: 24" X 22"; House Dimensions: 19"(L)X14"(W)X12"(H); Perch Dimensions: 14" X 14"; Extra Feature: Hammock; Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools; Max Holding Weight: 60 lbs;


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    • 5
      Nice for multiple cats

      Posted by Boog R Mann on 27th Apr 2019

      My cats quickly took to this tree. Of course, the most popular spot is the top platform. The smaller ones like to sleep in the basket. None of them have quite gotten the hang of the hammock, but they will. Good value.

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      Armarkat Classic Cat Tree A6901

      Posted by Kozmo on 15th Apr 2019

      This is second of these models we have bought for our household and while it still has many good qualities, we feel we must subtract a star due to the change in fabric material since our original order, a few years ago. The current model has a slick, semi-shag pile that will be much harder to clean (inevitable cat-puking) and more attractive to fleas or flea eggs. Our cats also chew on it and pull out fuzz. This material also does not offer good traction and can cause cats to slip until they adjust to it. On the plus side, the "traffic" pattern is excellent compared to most such kitty-condo's, with easy short jumping from ledge to ledge at the lower levels -- we do NOT install the topmost platform, instead we install this at the same level as the upper "hut" and leave off the peculiar flat "net" that looks too unstable for my taste. We have also dropped the hammock in favor of a second "hut", bought separately, that fits in this space nicely and provides an extra hidey-hole. The rope posts have held up well on the first model and are excellent scratching posts. The unit is sturdy and well balanced, unlike some models that seem top-heavy and might tip, or have platforms at difficult positions or heights. I want a safe, "stairway" on these, so cats can go up and down in easy steps, not big, dangerous leaps. For the price, this one's a winner, with just the few caveats noted above.

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      Stable enough for 3 VERY active Bengals

      Posted by Deborah Miller on 31st Jan 2018

      We have three Bengals (housecats) that are VERY active. This cat tree is stable even when all three are in it or jumping onto it or out of it. If provides a lot of variety. One of our cats likes the box, another likes the hammock, and another likes the very top. I put treats in several places at the same time so that the Alpha cat can't get them all and keep the others away. All three cats enjoy this cat tree.

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      The Cats love it

      Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2018

      This is the second classic cat tree I have purchased in the last 4 years. I have several cats and they all absolutely love this tree I think their favorite parts are the high perch and the basket. I wish there were more baskets since most of the disagreements center around that single basket! I also really like the fact that I can replace individual pieces if I need to. The joy that cat tree brings those cats is well worth every penny I spent. The entertainment it brings me just watching the cats sprint through the house and chasing each other up and down that tree is priceless.

    • 5
      Solid, quality product!

      Posted by Lucy's Mom on 24th Nov 2017

      A friend gifted me an Armarkat tree years ago and I was so pleased I ended up buying two more (I have 5 cats). This particular one is the most appealing colorwise and has been well used. I was suspect of how well the fake fur would hold up as I've had others that did not, but it has done fabulously. Two of my cats LOVE the upper basket, one even jumps right into it super fast. They don't use the bottom hammock but I think that is solely because it is so close to the ground and they like to be up high away from the other cats. If it were up higher I am sure they would use that portion too. All of my cats are seniors and able to maneuver their way up (my 19 year old is on the second highest tier at this moment) because of how the shelves are distributed, although they could probably benefit from a starting shelf closer to the ground. I just love these trees!

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      Wonderful Cat Trees

      Posted by Mary Ross on 3rd Aug 2017

      This was my second Armarkat Tree. The first one is 8 years old and no longer fit in the living room, but I am replacing parts so they can have it in the sun room. I love the quality and durability as I have several large cats, 2 of which are Savannahs, who love to climb and jump. The Armarkats are well balanced and have never tipped over from the weight of the cats taking flying jumps onto or off from.

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      Good product

      Posted by Sharon on 29th Jul 2017

      This is very well made and easy for one person to put together. My cat seems to especially love the cave. He is a large cat, so I think it's going to take some time for him to feel safe enough to venture up to the very top shelf as it is very tall. It is heavy so I would recommend floor sliders to move it around on a wood floor.

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      Totally Awesome Cat Tree

      Posted by Kathy k on 22nd Jun 2017

      I was so excited to get my box open and build. My daughter and I started to assemble with extra feline help and quickly accomplished this in 20 minutes!!! Now the battle has begun for the highest position. We had the steps for an elder cat that has stood up to lots of traffic and stills looks great. Please keep making these great (but affordable) products.

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      Cats love it.

      Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2017

      Easy to install and great quality. Kitties loved it immediately! Would love a larger top platform. Kitties vie for top position all the time.

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      Nice product

      Posted by Frank on 17th Apr 2017

      This cat tree is a replacement for my old one, which was also made by Armarkat. It's very sturdy & nicely constructed. My cats love it so far, though neither one has tried the hammock. The pocket type perch is too small for them, so I attached the perch from my old one, otherwise we're all happy with it. If I need another in the future I would again purchase from Armarkat. Fast shipping & well made.

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