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Classic Cat Tree A6901

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    Model No.: A6901 ; Covering Material: Ultra-thick Faux Fur; Covering Color: Beige; Board Material: Pressed Wood; Post Diameter: 3.5"; Overall Dimensions: 48"(L)X22"(W)X69"(H); Base Dimensions: 24" X 22"; House Dimensions: 19"(L)X14"(W)X12"(H); Perch Dimensions: 14" X 14"; Extra Feature: Hammock; Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools; Max Holding Weight: 60 lbs;


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    • 5
      Med Size Cat Tree

      Posted by Della Pullman on 22nd Jul 2020

      My cats are loving this tree already. They are using the nest, platform at the very top, and the house to lay in. They have not used the hammock yet and I don't know if they will. Everything lined up perfectly, except we had to take it apart when we got to the house because the lower two platforms were reversed because it does not tell you in the picture or instructions which is left and right, like front and back. That is the only thing about this tree I did not like. I have and always will love your products.

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      Another Great Tree

      Posted by JonnyGN on 8th Jun 2020

      This is our second Armarkat Tree for our cats and they LOVE it. While it's a bit wider/bigger than our previous one, the cats are climbing and chasing each other through all the new space. And most importantly the "house/cave" is large enough for either to lie comfortably. A great, durable product!

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      Cat Loved it before I even finished building it!

      Posted by Tari Ernst on 28th Apr 2020

      My cat loved it before I even finished building it. The directions were easy to follow. Since we just got it I have no idea how it will hold up but it seems very sturdy. Looks just as advertised.

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      Armarkat Classic Cat Tree

      Posted by Mary on 27th Apr 2020

      I wish they had a .5 star, because I would have rated this cat tree a 4.5 star instead of a 4 star. I didn't rate it a 5 star, because I had to say that I ordered from this company many years ago and the quality of the covering for the cat tree has gone down. On my original purchase, the covering was softer, thicker and fluffier...just a better quality. This cat tree's covering is soft and fuzzy, but the material is thin and not as plush. That said, the cat tree is just as sturdy and easy to put together as y last one. It came with great features (my two full grown cats LOVE the larger sleeping box with two doorways and a window). The hammock and the sleeping nest on top haven't been used yet (after three days). I think the fact that they are full grown and a little heavier MAY have something to do with it, though. I can totally see kittens enjoying these features right away. It may take my boys awhile to trust them (OK, Gus says he is almost 14 pounds of "solid muscle") They both still love the stuffed ball that hangs on the elastic near the top. That feature still delights much so, that I am saving back the other ball they sent me for when they have finally hunted the first one to death, so to speak. The boys helped me put their new cat tree together. They were busy doing a smell test on all portions of the cat tree, including for some reason, the box. They were efficiently working on quality control as each level went up, sniffing it, jumping down, hopping up, laying down washing a paw.the usual. They also supervised the screw tightening phases, lending a tentative paw when they felt a screw needed more tightening. After the whole assembly part was over, they immediately tried out the tree house/cat napping den one cat at a time. The second "napper" was a bit frustrated when the first napper actually fell asleep with his turn (really?!?!?! Ahem, MY turn!!!) that's where second cat in line (Gus) found the little viewing hole good for a quick paw jab to the first cat (Theodore) to wake him up and send him on his way. All humor aside, I definitely would say this is a good purchase. Only thing I would like to see changed is the fuzzy covering used in it. The sisal scratch posts are solid and will be loved by me and used by my cats as my cats have all their claws (I DO trim them regularly as they are indoor cats exclusively) If I could have had the thicker, plusher covering as an option, I would have paid extra for it, though.

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      Poor quality

      Posted by Cheryl Broughton on 26th Apr 2020

      I bought this tree downsizing from A7401. It was definitely worn out and the twine was shredding and getting caught in my cats throats. When I received this yesterday I was disappointed to see the carpet that was used looks like matted thin shag carpet. It will never hold up to cleaning.. The second thing I notice is the “scratching posts” were made of a cheaper twine than what is used on the 7401. So cheap it’s already starting to shred causing the same problem brand new that A7401 caused after 7 years of use. The upper bed is very difficult to get to so unless you have kittens I’d advise not installing it. Both of my cats got in but had to leap to the floor to get off. I took the top bed and scratching post down. They are dangerous and poorly positioned. They say you get what you pay for that is why this is so cheap. Seeing it now I believe the original price of $179 was a advertising ploy to get rid of this piece of crap. Definitely did not get my money’s worth. Armarkat: We are sorry you are not happy with this model. We are unaware of any inferior faux fur coverings or inferior sisal posts used in the manufacturing of this model. The materials should be exactly the same from A7401 to A6901. If you have bought this within the 6-month warranty period, we will consider it defective and replace it with a different model that you may prefer. Please contact us at

    • 5
      A Great Deal!

      Posted by Patty K on 25th Apr 2020

      I was skeptical buying a cat tree I couldn't touch or see but boy am I happy I did! My cats love it! I have it right by the window and they love to sit on the perch and look out. Shipping was incredibly fast and everything arrived without a hitch! Assembly was four easy steps. Seems sturdy and holds up to my "fluffier" cat. Great product and would recommend.

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      amazing value

      Posted by Danielle on 23rd Apr 2020

      I was looking at this on Jackson’s galaxy’s website and googled the model to see if there were reviews. I found it cheaper on sale on this site. I think it is amazing , sturdy and took fifteen minutes to put together. Within two days my Balinese Lincoln runs up and down it over and over, he sleeps on the very top or in the little house. The sisal is perfect for his scratching needs. The only thing I would change is the fabric looks frumpy.. but it’s a cat tree! I looked at a one level tree at Petco and it was 80$. This is way better and the landings are cat sized not KITTEN sized!

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      The new nap spot

      Posted by Angela on 20th Apr 2020

      It took a few days but both of my furballs love this cat tree. They are use to going outside and since they have been inside for awhile now, their energy has now turned to this (among other things!) It doesn't wobble and the tallest point is at around 6ft. All of the parts that come with the tree are sturdy and do not feel flimsy or bend when they run and jump on it. One thing that most hate but I love is the carpet-like material that covers the trees. My cats like to bite cardboard and spit it about and they have done so with the carpet lining. I know many won't enjoy it but they do because it's about them not me. Will definitely buy again from this brand.

    • 5
      The Best - 2nd one

      Posted by Larry Giese on 26th Aug 2019

      This is the best cat tree. My daughter received it as a gift a few years ago. I has been through multiple clean cycles and still looks new. Now my son has it and his cats love it. Thanks for making such a great product.

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      Cat tree A6901

      Posted by Anna Wollman on 20th May 2019

      This is our second of the same tree and we absolutely love it. The large perches below the house are perfect for each of our cats to look out our windows. They also enjoy the house, but the best feature is the basket. I was a little disappointed with this tree, as the basket is quite a bit smaller than our first tree basket. I am hoping that they will get used to it and use it.

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