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Classic Cat Tree A6501

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    Model No.: A6501 ;  Covering Material: Faux Fur;  Covering Color:  Beige with Silver Gray Condo ;  Board Material:  Pressed Wood;  Post Diameter:  3.5";  Overall Dimensions: 30"(L)X28"(W)X65"(H);  Base Dimensions:  24" X 24";  House Dimensions: 14"(W)X12"(H);  Perch Dimensions: 14" X 12";  Extra Feature:  Hammock;  Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools;  Max Holding Weight: 50 lbs;


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  • Review
    • 5
      Excellent cat tree

      Posted by Maggie Jones on 5th Dec 2022

      We bought this cat tree 9 years ago after a previous tree broke in an “incident”, and it has been fantastic for us. We specifically chose this model because there is not a straight line post-over-post in one corner — it is offset midway, so they have to shift over and can’t hang from the top. Things I most appreciate about this model: - The tall scratching sisal posts really allow for a good stretch, minimizing our furniture being used for that. And the posts hold up well, but you can buy individual replacements when needed (or rotate worn ones with less used posts). - The balanced post positioning keeps it from being tippy. - The two mid-level smaller steps allow our less agile cat to go from level to level and not have to do a big jump (I’ve had cats who couldn’t get to the next level of a tree before, and wanted the accessibility). It’s a great combination with tall posts. They get used a lot and are ready to be replaced due to wear (we swapped the lower one with the upper to buy some time). - The step and level arrangement also allows for more sharing, as we didn’t want one cat to feel trapped and unable to easily get down if overwhelmed. They need to be able to get around each other. - The hut — which some reviews suggest is too small for an adult cat, is THE spot for one of our adult cats. She isn’t a tiny cat, but she’s not a chonker like her sister, and she craves warmth and a snuggle. She curls up in it on any sunny morning, leaning against the flexible curved side, getting up every so often to rotate and nestle in again. We turned the opening angled toward the window for the sunshine. If you ever can’t find that cat, she’s usually in her hut, secluded from sight, but still in the listening zone. Turning the opening opposite from the step also means she can nap while her sister goes up the other side and doesn’t bother her at all. - The durability is great, and being able to order replacement parts. After nine years, we are about ready for the two smaller shelves and two or three posts to be replaced. What a bargain, when you leverage the cost over time (so glad they care about quality!). Things I could do without: - The rope on the third level is unnecessary, so we just removed it (actually just bolted it under the shelf, so there wouldn’t be fabric holes there that could get clawed). The big shelf is awesome, otherwise. They ought to provide bolts with caps to attach from both sides to just hold that area tight, or skip the rope. Our cats both love to just look out over the yard from that shelf, to take a bath and stretch out. Sometimes one cat is in the hut while the other cat stretches out above, and it’s high enough that they can’t reach down to pester the sleeping cat. - The hammock that hangs under level two, we tried it and it’s too wiggly, awkward, and small (maybe nice for kittens), the cats did not go for it. We removed that, too. The ground level gets used much for the scratching posts (which they love and need that long stretch) and for interactive play, like stalk the red light. The previous tree we had was this same company, and similar height, but had a box house with two openings, which was a hit, but one of the cats liked to climb straight up to the top shelf using the corner posts really fast like it was a tree trunk, and the whole unit would sway as they reached the top. We tried rotating it, but that made both box openings not face the windows at all. Well, one day it fell backward from their momentum and snapped the top level off as it hit the couch—the post tore the carpeting and busted the shelf plywood from the box hut roof. The cats were pretty scared, but luckily no injuries and no other damage. Rather than simply get replacement parts (it had seen some additional wear), we went with this stable model for their particular needs for where it’s positioned (near a window, no way to affix a tipping bracket). The old model went to the basement, shorter with the top post and shelf removed, a carpet remnant on the roof, and a replacement post installed down lower. This model wins over that one heavily due to stability, not due to the extras like rope and hammock.

    • 5
      Cat Tree

      Posted by David Parker on 30th Nov 2022

      Great product. Easy to assemble. Well-constructed. Great price!

    • 5
      The Best Cat Tree!

      Posted by Ted on 9th Jul 2020

      Eight years ago, I purchased the Cat Daddy approved A6501 unit. It was time for a new one. I contacted the store via Facebook and voicemail. They got back to me quickly and were incredibly resourceful and reliable. These cat trees are top quality craftsmanship. They still had the same model I bought years ago because it is that popular. Do yourself a favor and do business with Armarkat. Great quality product, great shipping and amazing customer service! I am so happy with this tree and my cats love it--it is so full of scratching space! My cats can sleep in a couple of different places and jump. WOW! I cannot speak highly enough of this product!

    • 5
      Love this Tree!

      Posted by Kristin on 14th Aug 2017

      We had this tree for 14 years and just bought a brand new one because the old one was finally too much to fix. Nothing lasts that long! Love the new one!

    • 4
      Cats love it

      Posted by TJR on 10th Jul 2014

      Overall, very happy with this tree. Cats love it. I ordered it on a sunday, it shipped on Monday, and arrived Tuesday. Great service. The little "hut" is too small for adult cats, so I took it off. My cats enjoy having the full space to stretch out anyway. The rope attachment is fairly useless, too, but I took that off so they could have another full shelf, and the cats like it better that way. Aside from those minor quibbles, I am very satisfied with Armarkat, and with this cat tree!

    • 4
      Overall, very happy

      Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2014

      I would have to say that I'm very happy with this cat tree, with a few minor issues. I ordered the tree on a Sunday, it shipped on Monday, and arrived Tuesday, so I was very impressed with the delivery time. Usually, "free" shipping takes a week or more, but not in this case. My cats love the tree, and use it all the time. It seems to be good quality, and even though it does wobble a bit (as others have mentioned in their reviews), I think this is to be expected, and don't see it being a problem. My only quibbles with this tree are: I'm not sure why the rope attachment is on the upper shelf. Maybe other cats find it amusing, but neither of mine do. It just seems to waste a shelf. I actually took the rope off and assembled it the opposite way, so that it's attached to the bottom of the shelf. Cats like to be up high, so this gives them an open space at the top. Similarly, the "hut" in the middle shelf seems like a good idea, but only for smaller cats. My cats are fully grown, and they can't fit into it comfortably. My cats aren't even big (or overweight). So I removed the hut too, and now they have another full shelf to use. My cats don't use the hammock, either, which surprised me. One of my cats loves to lay suspended on the underside of our box-spring liner, so I thought he'd love the hammock. Maybe he'll discover it someday, but so far he hasn't really been interested. Aside from these minor issues, I love the cat tree, and highly recommend it. I also give top marks to Armarkat for making a quality product, and using fast shipping!

    • 4
      Overall, very happy

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2014

      We have two cats. They both love this tree. It has lots of scratching posts, so it helps save our furniture! Other reviews mention that the tree shakes and wobbles, and that's true, but it's very sturdy, and I'm not worried about the minor movements it makes when the cats climb on it. We were also impressed with the speed of delivery, too. We ordered on a Sunday. It shipped Monday, and arrived Tuesday. Since shipping was free, I expected it to take a long time, so it was a nice surprise to receive it so soon. The only complaints I have with this product are with a couple of minor issues. First, I'm not sure why there's a rope attached to the top shelf. My cats never touch it, and it gets in the way. I ended up removing it, and now the cats use that shelf to stretch out and nap, or when they play together. Also, the little "hut" that's attached to the middle shelf is a bit too small for an adult cat. One of my cats went right into it after I assembled the stand, but when he tried to lay down, his head didn't fit comfortably, so he couldn't really enjoy the space. I think if it were bigger, they'd love to lay in there and take a nap. However, I ended up removing that too, and now they use that shelf to lay on, or when they goof around on the tree. I thought one of my cats would love the hammock (before we bought the tree, he loved to crawl into the box-spring of our mattress and nap in the liner, which hangs down like a hammock), but so far, neither of them have used it. In general, we love the cat tree. The price and free shipping made it far cheaper than any pet store in our area. The quality is very good. I think they could eliminate a couple of the less-useful "extras," but otherwise, no complaints. We will definitely order from this company again!

    • 5
      Very happy customer

      Posted by Nancy on 29th Jul 2013

      My sister purchased this cat tree first and when I saw how much her cat loved it, I had to get one for my boyfriend's two cats. It is good quality for the money. I plan on buying another one for my two cats next!

    • 5
      so wonderful! i can't recommend this enough

      Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2012

      We have had this tree for about 5 years. Our cats LOVE it! You can't beat it for the price either. our cats didn't like the fort, or the hammock, so we removed them, but they lay on every level. It is only now starting to need replacement parts but the beautiful thing is that we can order them! AND the only part that needs to be replaced is the scratcher areas, the rugs are holding up just fine! I can't recommend this enough!

    • 5
      Cats love it!

      Posted by Patty & Dom on 10th Nov 2011

      We ordered this for our cat and kittens. They absolutely love it!They all love climbing on it and sleeping on it. They use every level. They use the scratching posts and have so much fun with the hanging ball. The kittens each take turns on the top level, sometimes two of them get to be king of the hill. It is fun for us to watch them all climbing and playing on it. Since the kittens are full of energy it is a great addition to our house. We highly recommend this quality product. It is sturdy even when our cat and three kittens are on it. It was easy to assemble.

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