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Classic Cat Tree A6401

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    Model No.: A6401 ;  Covering Material: Faux Fur;  Covering Color:  Blanched Almond with Silver Grey Condo ;  Board Material:  Pressed Wood;  Post Diameter:  3.5";  Overall Dimensions: 34"(L)X24"(W)X64"(H);  Base Dimensions:  22" X 18";  House Dimensions: 14"(W)X14"(H);  Perch Dimensions: 14" X 14";  Extra Feature: N/A;  Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools;  Max Holding Weight: 40 lbs.


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      Cat Tree Purchase

      Posted by Jane Amoreno on 18th May 2021

      I am a bit disappointed in the stability of this specific Cat Tree. My old one has 4 bottom posts so it is very, very sturdy. This tree is wobbly on carpet. I even put 2 large rocks on the base but my cat (large) still has not ventured to the top. Which is usually his favorite place. I am afraid the whole thing may fall over if he gets up there. Have not decided yet if I will be returning it. I want to give my kitty a chance to really check it out 1st.

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      tree wobble

      Posted by Unknown on 12th Jul 2013

      We had one of this size and found if we used a small piece of plumbers tape on the bottom of the two top LZ it holds it enough not to wobble. GREAT tree

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      great cat tree

      Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2013

      Ive had this cat tree for 3 years now and it has held up decently. It is wobbly but does well against the wall in the corner. Only reason I am having to purchase another one now is my cat loves to use the scratch posts and he has torn it up after all these years of use. Ive even moved the bottom posts to the top but he has now torn that one up as well and the fibers just get everywhere. overall i would recommend

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      Quality tree, but 2 major design flaws

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2012

      This is the second Armarkat tree we've purchased, and although we're generally happy with it, it has 2 major design flaws: 1) As another reviewer mention, the base is oddly shaped and tapered at the sides. This makes it highly unstable. We have it against a wall and supported by a big pile of books to make sure it doesn't topple (and it has toppled). 2) The step at the bottom of the tree is not supported. Within a few days of us setting the tree us, the steps cracked. We now support this with books and boxes so our cats can continue to use the tree. Armarkat makes a great cat tree (best we've come across), but this tree was not designed well. Buy an Armarkat tree, but maybe just not this one.

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      Good product, but not for my cats

      Posted by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2011

      I bought this tree when my ragdoll was a kitten. Because of her short round body type, she can't jump up onto the middle landing to get onto the platforms. I have it next to the sofa so she can get onto the tree from there. My siamese climbs up the polls like a monkey and rocks the tree. I wish the base were more stable so it won't tip. They both love the upper platforms. I love that they have a lip on for security so they don't roll off!

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      great product

      Posted by Unknown on 12th Jun 2011

      I have had this tree for ^ 2years for 2 active Persians. It is great - in use daily, holding up well. The lip on the top platforms seem to be comforting as the cats sleep up on the top frequently. This is a quality product at a good price.

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      Good, but one thing can make it better

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2011

      This is the second Amarakat item we purchased. We purchased this one to keep in a second room the cats visit often. There is one flaw in the design of this item. The base should be a square, not the odd shape it is to improve stability. This one wobbles often due to the roundness of the front and back when the cats are running all over it. I think I am going to get a piece of plywood and cover it in carpet, and attached it to the bottom of the current piece to improve the stability.

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