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Why playpens are purrfect for your active cat

Why playpens are purrfect for your active cat

Posted by Armarkat on 28th Feb 2024

Fresh air, sunshine, and a gentle breeze–Spring is calling us and we want to make the most of the good weather! It’s a prime time for outdoor exercise and relaxation. But we’re not the only ones who appreciate the sights and sounds of nature. Adventurous kitties can also crave a play break outside.

For cats with access to catios, time outside in an enclosed area is just a step away. While my ideal house would be half house, half catio, space for a feline-friendly porch is just not possible at my apartment. Fortunately, Be Chewy recommends playpens as a regular outdoor playtime option for cats whose owners don't have catios.

You’re probably wondering how you would be able to keep your curious feline outside without them running off at the first sign of something moving in the bushes. However, your cat doesn’t have to be leash trained for safe playtime in the yard or park if you have a reliable playpen. Playpens are not the same as crates or cages, which are often cramped and not intended for outside use. On the contrary, Armarkat’s spacious playpens are lightweight, portable, and have removable mesh ceilings to keep little paws from leaping out of bounds. With these playpens, cats enjoy a full view of their surroundings through a soft mesh barrier.

Playpens are also essential for calming your cat’s nerves while traveling. Although a carrier is necessary for keeping your kitty contained while in a car, your cat needs breaks during a journey as much as you do. Just like your legs may feel cramped after sitting in a car for long periods, your four-legged friend needs to stretch their legs after laying down in a carrier for that duration. A few minutes outside in the playpen will help your cat exercise and unwind. When you arrive at your destination, your kitty needs to be reassured that they are in friendly territory. According to Pets 24, “Whether you’re going to a friend’s house, a road trip, or a hotel, a pet playpen provides a safe and familiar environment.”

While it’s important to spend time with your pets in nature, it’s equally important to respect the environment while you’re there. That’s why all of Armarkat’s products are made with environmentally-friendly materials. One example is Armarkat’s playpen Model PP002R-XL, which has a zip-off top and convenient outside pockets to accommodate toys and yummy treats. The lightweight pet playpen is constructed of extra-strong polyester fabric with mesh vents for air and visibility.

Quote of the day: “Cats have a sense of humor, as is shown in their extreme love of play. A middle-aged cat will often play as unreservedly as a kitten, though he knows perfectly well it is only a game.” - William Lyon Phelps


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