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Why Armarkat cat and dog products are the best

Why Armarkat cat and dog products are the best

Posted by Patricia on 21st Dec 2022

Armarkat is the worldwide leader in cat tree manufacturing and distribution. Their inventory also includes cat condos, rocking chairs, hideaways, wall trees, and more. In addition, they carry plush cat and dog beds.

Established in 1994, Armarkat is a small women-led company with multiple locations around the U.S., China, and Europe. A few reasons they enjoy such success include the following:

1. Most Armarkat products are made with beautiful, natural solid wood. To make sure a cat tree or other product you're thinking of purchasing isn't made from cardboard, note the shipping weight. Products made from wood are heavier than others of the same size made with cheaper materials.

2. Fabric materials used in Armarkat products are heavier than other brands. The fabric is tear-resistant, strong, and lasts longer than products from other companies. This claim can be proven. When viewing other brands online, zoom in on the image. If the fabric used is mediocre, the zoom-in feature will be limited. Armarkat offers images in close-up detail so you can see the richness of the materials.

3. Armarkat cares about pets and pet parents and uses only environmentally friendly materials for its products.

4. Armarkat is the only brand of pet furniture confident enough with their quality to offer replacement parts at no charge for up to one year and at a reasonable cost after one year.

Quote to remember: "Every cat is my best friend." -- Unknown.