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Ways You Can Tell Your Cat Loves You…

Ways You Can Tell Your Cat Loves You…

Posted by Andrea on 18th Feb 2022

In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week, let’s keep the love going while we look into the ways your cat expresses her love for her favorite person! Certain behaviors are totally indicative of her never-ending adoration for you, so let’s look at some of these. If you recognize many or most, then you are loved!

She Follows You Around: When you hear the pitter patter of little paws following you around the house, you can be sure Kitty is interested in what you’re up to. If you are being tripped on a regular basis because she is constantly under foot, this shows her need to be near you. Finally, if you haven’t been in the bathroom alone in years, it is a sign your cat is happiest when she is near you.

She Shows her Belly: Since the cat’s stomach is her most vulnerable spot, by lying down belly-up, she is allowing you to see her at her most unguarded. If she permits you to pet her there, that is further proof of her trust and love. Just be careful, since only a bit of tummy rubbing is okay in this highly sensitive area.

She Brings you Presents: When she brings you small dead things like mice or birds, she is gifting you with her version of a much-desired present. You must understand that felines are predators. They are most satisfied when they have captured and killed prey. Good eating for them, so she thinks you will love it, too.

Head Butts & Cheek Rubs: When your cat butts her head against you, this is her way of showing ownership of you. What she is really doing is trying to rub her scent onto you to strengthen your bond to each other. Same thing with cheek rubs: When you put your hand by her face and she rubs you with her cheek, this is again her way of marking you as her territory. Must be nice to be owned!

Making Biscuits: When alternate paws press down and up on your stomach, this is another wonderful way Kitty shows her affection for her favorite person. The most common explanation for this goes back to kittenhood, when the tiny kitten would do this on her cat mom’s belly to encourage the flow of her milk. Though she is not now in need of nourishment, her kneading shows she is at her most relaxed. She will typically purr noisily, gazing up at you to show her love.

The Slow Blink: Feline communication is much more subtle than the way we communicate via the spoken word. One of the best ways to be assured your cat loves you is by the slow blink, where Kitty slowly closes, then re-opens her eyes. In cat language, she is communicating complete comfort with you. This is how she shows her caring. If you mirror this right back to her, this is the equivalent of receiving a cat hug, where both parties are calm and happy. You might want to try this upon meeting new cats to get them relaxed and show you mean no harm.

Make Room for Tabby: We are here to tell you that not all cats are lap cats. As you know, they may run from strangers, but don’t think they are being aloof when they sit across the room from you. For many if not most cats, just being in your proximity is a comfort in and of itself. If she jumps up to sleep at the foot of your bed, or if she hangs out in your special chair, she is doing this because she values you, her most special person.

So take heart, and be thankful that Valentine’s Day with Kitty lasts the whole year through. You just weren’t entirely aware of the special signs that show her love.

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