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The Science is In: Research Shows 5 Main Cat Personality Types!

The Science is In: Research Shows 5 Main Cat Personality Types!

Posted by Andrea on 11th Dec 2021

Have you ever wondered where your fur baby fits on the continuum of cat personalities? Did you ever think you got the best one ever—or maybe even the dud of the litter? As we all know, cats have as many different personality types as people. Each has his or her own little quirks that make them especially endearing to us, for better--or for worse!

A study was undertaken at the University of Lincoln by Dr. Lauren Finka that revolved around 200 cat parents. Her findings indicate that both nature and nurture are important to the feline’s development. Their personalities are determined by their environment, their upbringing, and their genetics. Obviously, there were variations and crossovers, but generally speaking the personalities fell into the following five categories:

  1. The Human Cat: This cat should’ve been born a human. She is truly a people person. She craves human company and affection. She loves to snuggle and will easily become your shadow as she follows you around the house. It is your job to keep her entertained with activities you can do together. Think wand toys.
  2. The Hunter Cat: It is in their ancient DNA to hunt like their wild ancestors, so this is where these cats’ focus is directed. Given access to the outdoors, they are the kind who will return to you with birds, mice, or insects they have caught. They will present these as gifts to you, their person. These cats prefer realistic cat toys that will enable them to practice their stalking and pouncing as they prepare to take down their prey. Happiest with room to roam and explore, they may be content with a cat enclosure if they are not allowed to roam freely outside. This way, they can still watch all manner of flying and creeping creatures.
  3. The Cats’ Cat: Even though itgoes against the commonly held belief of cats as solitary hunters, these cats are most comfortable being in the presence of other cats. They are those sweet felines who are happy providing care and attention to other cats by grooming them, touching noses, etc. A cats’ cat loves to cuddle, be it with other felines in the house, or even with the humans. Kittens raised with many litter mates often have this personality, one which is not often found in the wild. For these kitties, they will be happiest in groups and in family activities. Whether chasing motorized toys, or playing together in their Armarkat trees, they like to do things together.
  4. The Cantankerous Cat: This is the personality that those who are not cat people associate with all felines. These cats become annoyed and frustrated easily, especially if their precious schedule is tampered with. They are not always irritable; they just need their independence and their distance. They choose their humans carefully and will love them desperately. It’s just that you have to wait for them to want to cuddle as they are simply just not always in the mood. These independent ones have plenty of solitary options with toys they can bat around, prime among them. Have these at the ready—for when they’re in the mood!
  5. The Inquistive Cat: Always getting into something, this little guy won’t miss a trick. These cats are curious, playful and outgoing. They are intelligent and eager to explore everything in their environment. You need to keep track of them since they are known to be found in bags and boxes and just about anywhere you can imagine. They enjoy meeting new people or cats since they are inquisitive and social. You can keep them entertained with homemade toys like bags and boxes. Or, buy them puzzle toys that let them use their ingenuity to figure things out.

Whatever their pleasure, we are stuck with whomever has chosen us when it comes to our cats. Within the categories of the cat personality types above, you are probably thinking that your cat is a combination of a couple of types. And, that is what makes these furry individuals so endlessly fascinating. There truly are a myriad of combinations from one category to the next. This makes it hard to decide, yet you can still choose which category your kitty best fits into. Which one is the closest to your furry friend?

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