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Signs Your Cat Just Might be… Happy!

Signs Your Cat Just Might be… Happy!

Posted by Andrea on 24th Oct 2021

Just like people, cats are good at expressing their emotions through their body language and their meows. Since their language is not as complex as ours, slightly different vocalizations can have many different meanings. And like people, each cat is an individual and thus has different thoughts and feelings from the next cat. This week, let’s look for some clues as to how you can know that Kitty is feeling fine and happy with her very own human, you!

Vocal Clues: Did you know that an adult cat’s meow is specifically directed at her humans and not at other cats? Meows can run the gamut from assertive to plaintive, from attention seeking to complaining, from demanding to sad, and everywhere in between. When my cat’s meow is clearly a trill, I know she is happy knowing that she has my attention for a brushing session. Trills are high-pitched whereas grunts and murmurs are lower pitched. Remember, that although purring is often associated with these sounds, it is not always indicative of a happy cat. Felines will use their purring to self-soothe in times of stress.

The Slow Blink: When your cat’s eyes are clear, bright, and wide open, this is usually the sign of an alert and attentive and trusting feline. Even moreso, when she looks at you with eyes half closed and slowly blinks, this is a sign of sincere affection for you. When she does this, you should mirror her behavior and give her the slow blink back. This is the feline version of cat kisses!

Ear Position & Head butts: You cat is happy when her ears point forward with a slight tilt back. When she takes it a step further and rubs up against you with head butts, you can rest assured that not only is she marking you as part of her her territory, but even more, she is showing ownership of you as her human. This is how she expresses happiness and love.

A Relaxed Cat is a Happy Cat: Body language for relaxed cats is easy to see. Do you know the loaf position? It is when they are sleeping with paws tucked under so they look like a little loaf of bread! When you see this, you have a content cat on your hands. Further, when she sleeps on her back with her belly up, it means she trusts you enough to be in this vulnerable position. Finally, when she walks with tail straight up in the air with tip crooked, she is in a happy mood.

Grooming 101: As you probably know, cats are all about staying neat and clean. They are continually self-grooming and seem very proud and interested in maintaining a good appearance. Good grooming is the sign of a happy cat. If, for any reason, your cat loses interest in grooming, or stops altogether, this could be trouble and signify illness or depression. If this is the case, take Kitty to the vet.

Good Play, Good Food & Better Rest: Keep her on her toes with a good play session daily. Follow this with a delicious cat meal and a lovely cat nap, and you can be sure your feline is at her best. She is definitely her happiest self!

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