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Safety Tips for our Feline Friends During the Holidays…

Posted by Andrea on 23rd Dec 2021

As everyone is getting ready for the holly and the jolly, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that we need to help our fur family feel safe and stress-free during the holiday season. The last thing we want is to end up in the emergency vet. Let’s take a look at life through our cat’s eyes, and follow the tips below to maximize feline comfort and safety during this most wonderful time of year:

Foot & Cat Treats. We all know how difficult it is to watch our diets during the holidays, but it is equally important to watch Kitty’s diet. Keep sweets, dairy products, and fatty foods out of the reach of our felines. As carnivores by nature, cats can suffer digestive upsets and pancreatitis from eating those foods. Instead, you should offer them bits of raw or cooked meats, but do not include cooked bones as these can stick in their little throats. If Kitty has ingested foods that don’t agree with her stomach, you can try the homeopathic remedy, Nux Vomica 30C, in order to help her sensitive system get back in balance.

Ribbons & Holiday Decor. If your cat has tried to chew on curly ribbons and strings, you can’t blame her since these so closely resemble cat toys. However, if she ingests them, they can become lodged in her digestive tract. Best to wait and apply ribbons, tinsel, and bows at the very last minute. This way, curious cats can’t get into trouble, and you shouldn’t have any potentially serious problems.

Oh, Christmas Tree!What’s the difference between your Christmas tree and your feline’s Armarkat tree? Your feline might see the difference as not terribly much! Both are tall and enticing to Kitty. Though your Christmas tree may look like a great place in which to hide, and it may look like tons of fun with strings of lights and ornaments for batting, it could prove extremely dangerous to cats. Direct them right back to their Armarkat tree--in a hurry!

Tree decorating tips for intrepid kitties: Keep the bottom branches free of ornaments, and cover all exposed cords. If your tree is live, never let cats have access to the bacteria-laden water in its stand. Next, make sure it is balanced and secure so that, just like your Armarkat tree, it will not topple over. Finally, you may have to raise it higher in the room if Kitty insists on trying to climb it.

Flowers & Candles. Time to re-examine your holiday favorites. Poinsettias, lilies, amaryllis, and even mistletoe can make your cat ill. To avoid that trip to the emergency vet, you can decorate instead with silk flowers. Provide organic cat grass as a safe alternative for kitties to nibble on. Hopefully, you already know that candles are not safe for curious cats. Besides their flames, candles can contain paraffin, a substance which is dangerousto both pets and their people. Try a non-toxic, organic alternative made from coconut, beeswax, and soy.

My Space. Finally, make sure cats have a quiet, cozy place to retreat away from all the commotion and noise of kids and guests. To help alleviate feline stress, you may want to try flower essences like Mimulus (fear), Rock Rose,or Rescue Remedy (calming), or the homeopathic blend, Cat Calm. These natural essences can help keep your favorite kitty relaxed and stress-free, all without chemicals.

And while you’re at it, make sure you take some time for yourself. Get your sleep and your exercise, and spend some all-important me-time with your kitty. If you are relaxed, she will feel that much more relaxed and will be less inclined to get into cat trouble. This way, you can both enjoy the holidays without worry.

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