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Rescue cats need cat beds, too!

Rescue cats need cat beds, too!

Posted by Armarkat on 8th Nov 2023

If you grew up sharing a bedroom with siblings, or perhaps spent years in a crowded college dorm, you know what it feels like to be surrounded by the frequent noise and movements of other people. Cats at cat rescues often share a common space with other kitties and may undergo a similar experience. Like humans, cats need quiet places to retreat to when they feel tired or overwhelmed.

According to Cats Protection, “Cats are solitary and so typically they don’t like to share, unless they are a bonded pair.” Kitties like to have options for toys and furniture because each has their own preferences and favorites. Even a single cat wants a variety of objects for their own use.

The famous cat expert Jackson Galaxy recommends getting multiple cat beds per cat because felines like to rub their bed with their scent, which helps them feel calm and safe in a territory of their own. When multiple cat beds hold a cat’s scent, they feel confident and in control.

However, for cats at pet shelters and cat rescues, it can be difficult to fulfill these needs when there are many other cats around. Cat beds are even more important for cats at rescues because each cat wants a place of their own to go to, but due to space limitations it may be harder to get away from the noise and action of other cats.

Cat rescues rely on donations to provide for their cats, and Armarkat is proud to donate products to nonprofits dedicated to the wellbeing of pets. Rescues often have specific requirements for their cat furniture in order to maintain a sanitary environment for several cats at once. Armarkat fits that need with many sturdy cat beds that are machine washable. These beds are both easy to clean and able to withstand years of constant use.

Armarkat recently gave three cat beds to MeWow Cat Cafe in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The response was an explosion of cute kitty excitement! Kittens and cats were thrilled to explore the new additions to their environment. New cat-friendly items can provide mental and physical stimulation for cats as they test out the textures, shapes, and comfort of new cat furniture. Kittens from the same litter will often sleep together in a cat bed, feeling both safety and companionship. Cats who are developing a bonded pair friendship also enjoy cuddling in the same bed. More cat beds also means more privacy for individual cats. Many Armarkat cat beds come with flaps or hoods, which allow a cat to hide from view for some alone time.

Armarkat has also donated cat beds and cat trees to Wild Blue Sanctuary (Wild Blue Cats) in the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs, Colorado. At their recent charity event (Fancy Feast 2.3), Wild Blue auctioned hundreds of items, including Armarkat products, to raise funds for their adoption program, emergency veterinary services, TNR (trap, neuter, release), and more. The auction included a raffle for winning an Armarkat cat tree and below-market starting bids for cat beds, allowing lower income cat parents chances to obtain Armarkat products at low costs. At Fancy Feast 2.3, Wild Blue raised over $25,000 to help their organization continue saving as many cat lives as possible.

Every cat can benefit from cat furniture. Browse to find the purrfect cat bed you can donate to your local cat rescue!

Quote of the day: “Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.” – Jim Davis


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