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Personalize your pet furniture

Personalize your pet furniture

Posted by Armarkat on 29th Apr 2024

Pet furniture should suit the lifestyle of not only pets but also their humans. A home with a harmonious design refreshes everyone in the household. With personalization in mind, Armarkat’s wooden furniture is easily customizable for any space. To explore the art of decor customization, we spoke with Pennie Mills, the professional decorator behind Rose Moon Craft Studio. The online shop specializes in handmade home fragrances, decor and gifts with an elegant yet cozy aesthetic. When Pennie isn’t creating products to sell, she delights in decorating her home with furniture that matches her style.

Pennie used her design expertise to customize Armarkat Wall Series: Tree W1907A with Condo for her two cats, Noah and Shingo.

Pennie, why did you choose Armarkat’s wall cat condo for your project?

It is a beautiful piece, is super sturdy and made very well. The wood surface was finished to perfection, which made my process extremely easy and enjoyable. There was not a whole lot of preparing the surface before I began, which is always a plus. I get so excited I like to dive right into my vision.

How does the cat condo enrich the lives of your cats?

When we went to meet our newest cat Shingo, the staff at the cat adoption Aloha told us that he was always up high in one of your kitty condos. They had so many of your condos all over the walls, so I took a picture of one. Shingo was from a colony, had been through a lot and we wanted to do everything that we could to make him feel more comfortable in his forever home.

Noah is a very chill, sweet docile boy whose main goal at this stage of his life is to relax on the screened porch or snuggle with his people. We went to meet Shingo and immediately decided to adopt him. My thought was that if we can give a homeless cat a loving, fun home and bring Noah some added comfort when his world changes that it was a perfect solution for all involved.

What was your process for customizing the wall cat condo?

To blend in better with our decor, I put a couple coats of white chalk paint over the natural wood and decoupaged with some blue and white tissue paper. Then I put a light white wash on the inside using just a touch of chalk paint mixed with water. It also came with a perch sitter and scratcher. Easy project and I love the look!

What is your design inspiration?

For this project, since it was to be featured in a main living area of our home, pattern and color played a big part. For our home, I am drawn to shades of blue, aqua and white.

How would you summarize the essence of your design style?

It is always evolving. I lean more towards modern, minimal designs that are pleasing to the eye. That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes go over the top when I am creating a fun, whimsical piece.

Why do you and your customers value creativity and customization?

I think that most customers like the feeling of knowing that what they will receive is not a mass-produced piece that everyone will have. My craft studio is in my home, but I also use my kitchen a lot, because it just feels good to be in my kitchen making one of a kind creations that will bring joy to others.

Do you have any upcoming product plans that you’d like to share?

My main focus at this time is preparing my handmade home fragrance line, which will be available on a wholesale platform for retail stores to purchase.

Rose Moon Studio sells a variety of wax melts, faux cupcakes, keychains, and more!