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New Year’s Resolutions for Every Pet Parent

New Year’s Resolutions for Every Pet Parent

Posted by Armarkat on 18th Dec 2023

You’re not the only one making resolutions for self-improvement in the coming year. Your pet has high hopes for you in 2024! Exercise, getting quality sleep, and trying new things are also priorities for your cat or dog. As a pet parent, you’re in charge of their health and happiness. These new year’s resolutions will improve your pet’s well-being and give you peace of mind.

1.Take time to bond with your pet

According to USA Today, “spending more time with friends and family” was among the top 8 new year’s resolutions for 2023. Your pet wants more time with you, too! Playing with your cat or dog is important for lifting their mood and developing a connection with them.

2.Give your pet enough exercise

Not surprisingly, getting more exercise was also listed in USA Today as one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. But that applies to your pet, too! One very effective form of exercise for cats is providing them with cat-specific climbing surfaces. Cat trees allow a cat to expend their energy instinctively through leaping, stretching, and scratching. Armarkat cat trees are made with environmentally-friendly materials. To learn more, visit

For small dogs, exercise in a playpen gives them freedom to romp around in a safe environment. Pet playpens allow you and your pets to enjoy the sun and outdoors without any worries. Armarkat playpens are collapsible and each playpen comes with a carrying case (for more details, visit

3.Schedule vet check-ups

Check-ups are important for preventative care, as well as detecting any current health conditions before they worsen. Unfortunately, most pets are not seeing the vet often enough. According to HuffPost, “In 2021, 81.8% of the dog population visited a vet, versus only 39.8% of cats.”

4.Help your pet rest well

Maintaining the right body temperature leads to restful sleep for your cat, just as it does for you. Specialized fabrics and surface textures can provide either a cooler or warmer spot for your kitty’s comfort. Maturing cats appreciate a softer surface to lay on, especially covering hard surfaces, but even younger cats will also benefit from the support for muscles and joints that a good cat bed provides. To see the full line of Armarkat cat beds, visit

Dogs also need a good night’s sleep. Spinal support and comfort are just as important for canines. Armarkat dog beds are made with high-quality canvas and durable polyfill. They come in sizes from extra small to extra large, perfect for any breed (see

5.Try something new

For many people, the new year represents new opportunities. Pets want new experiences, too! Jackson Galaxy explains that “cats love environmental enrichment…

Think about these guys in nature. They’ll be in the bush. They’ll be in the tree.” Adding wall units for your cat helps your kitty “get off the ground and double the volume of the territory itself.” To learn more, visit

Dogs can also benefit from pet steps that enrich their environment and allow exploration of higher places, such as a bed for cozy snuggles! For more information, visit Another fun option for your cat or dog is a pet rocking chair, purrfect for small pets. The rocking movement soothes your pet and its scratchable surface provides an outlet for using those curious claws (see

The new year can be fun for your entire household, pets included!

Quote of the day: “After a time, even the dog begins to compromise with the cat.” - Unknown


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