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Labor Day and cats

Labor Day and cats

Posted by Patricia on 7th Aug 2022

Labor Day is a time we set aside each year to honor American workers. The U.S. labor force is projected to reach 163.5 million this year, and that's just the humans.

Dogs and horses are renowned for their wage-earning abilities. While cats are not usually thought of as workers, there are a few different jobs at which they excel. Besides the more common mice and rodent-catching gigs, cats are increasingly finding their way as therapy and emotional support animals. Interestingly, it has been discovered that cats' purrs vibrate at a frequency that promotes healing in humans.

Per an article on Huffington Post cited below, some cats are clocking into jobs not previously associated with felines. For example, some work in stables, some under the Circus Big Tent, and some are diabetic-alert cats or helpers to children, veterans, and the elderly. In addition, some are pressed into service for weddings, and other celebrations, including gender reveal parties.

Fame-hungry cats have been lured to the Big Screen or television on promises of lots of tuna for themselves and cash for their humans. Do you remember Vito Vincent, the orange tabby that starred in Breakfast At Tiffany's on Broadway? Then there was Morris, famous for his cat food commercials several years ago. Pebbles was one of the cats who played Mrs. Norris in the Harry Potter films. And one of the most famous cats in the entertainment business is Orangey. He won two Patsy Awards (Picture Animal Top Star of The Year). He was in several films, including Rhubarb, Breakfast At Tiffany's, The Diary of Anne Frank, and The Incredible Shrinking Man.

A box inspector or a grocery bag quality control is an excellent job for a more laid-back kitty. These jobs require little skill but intense concentration and dedication to paper products. If nothing else, perhaps your cat can become a social media sensation and set you both up for life.

Anonymous quote to remember: "Why can't cats work on the computer? They get too distracted chasing the mouse around."


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