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How to keep your cat safe on July 4

How to keep your cat safe on July 4

Posted by Patricia on 30th Jun 2022

More pets go missing from their homes on the 4th of July than any other day. It's no wonder. The constant bangs, pops, screeches, cheers, and other annoying sounds from fireworks and crowds of people yelling can be frightening to pets and people alike.

There are several ways to keep your kitty safe and (relatively) calm during this holiday fanfare. Here are some tips:

Control the surroundings

First and foremost, if your cat is quite attached to you, consider staying home for the celebration so your absence won't add to his anxiety.

If you allow your cat outside, please consider bringing him inside on July 4 through the early morning hours of July 5. Cats roaming in the dark during this time of the year are doubly at risk for injury or even death.

Make sure your windows and any doggie flaps are closed, and watch when you open and close your doors as kitty may try to dash out.

Provide distractions

Keep your cat in the quietest room of your house, with as few windows as possible. Soft light and calming music playing in the background will help muffle some of the sounds outside. Also, consider cat videos - many found online - to help divert his attention from the mele around him.

In that room, add your cat's bed, a scratching post, a fresh litter box, and any beloved toys (including those favorite boxes and paper bags!) to help him feel calmer. And make sure your cat has access to food and water at all times.

To address an anxious kitty, consider a supplement to help him relax. Or sprinkle a little catnip around the room to entice your cat to relax, or do whatever he does when surrounded by some good nip.

Take safety precautions

Ensure your cat has an ID tag with current info, including your phone number. A glow-in-the-dark tag will also help if kitty should get outside.

If you have people over to your house to celebrate, ask everyone present to keep an eye out for your cat in case he escapes from the room you placed him.

If your cat isn't already microchipped, consider having it done before July 4. And it would be a great idea to have a photo or two of your cat - just in case he does get out.

The "safe room" where you place your cat should not be one where your company goes in and out, like the bathroom. A second bath not used by anyone but the family would be ideal but if that's not possible, choose a room or space, not in a high traffic area of your home.

Tip: Although the celebrations can be annoying, cats have connections to July 4. Did you know cats were some of the first animals employed by the U.S. Army? They were hired before dogs (take that, dogs!) to protect commissaries from rats. So while enjoying a few fireworks and celebrations with friends this year, don't forget to salute American cats.



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