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How to Calm a Cat When They’re in Heat

30th Oct 2022

If you have a cat, you’re already aware that they can exhibit some strange (and giggle-inducing) behaviors. Yet when they’re in heat, your feline friend can seem like a completely different creature. We will reveal much about what your cat is going through and how to calm them down.

Mating Season and the Heat Cycle

Being in heat means that an unspayed female cat is fertile and ready to mate. Unspayed females will go into the estrus phase when they’re between 4 and 12 months of age.

The feline mating season is typically between the months of February and October, but many unspayed females go into heat frequently throughout the year for approximately six days at a time.

During this time, a female cat’s body produces large amounts of reproductive hormones that trigger her mating instinct. These hormones are responsible for the many symptoms that female cats exhibit during heat.

What Are the Signs That a Cat Is In Heat?

Because every cat is different, they may or may not exhibit the following signs of being in heat:

  • Scent marking (spraying or rubbing the rear end) on furniture, walls, or trees
  • More frequent urination than is typical
  • Restlessness
  • More affectionate than usual
  • Frequent crying or yowling
  • Rolling around and vocalizing
  • Excessive grooming in the genital area
  • Sticking her hindquarters in the air with tail up
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trying to get outside

It’s important to note that the above signs can also be symptoms of other conditions. Therefore, seeking your vet’s advice is a good idea if you notice any of these in your cat.

How to Calm a Cat In Heat

The surge of hormones that a female experiences during heat can mean that she has extra energy. However, being in heat can also mean that she feels discomfort and is therefore more agitated. The following solutions can help your cat to feel calmer.

Fresh water – Sufficient hydration is always important for cats, but her thirst may increase during heat. Ensure her water bowl is cleaned and refilled with fresh water regularly.

Fresh litter – By cleaning your cat’s litter box more frequently during heat, she will be encouraged to mark her territory there than in other places that may be inappropriate.

Heat – Placing a heat pad or warm towel under your cat can calm her down during estrus.

Attention – Extra brushing, petting, and snuggling with your cat when she is in heat can help her to feel less agitated.

Isolation – If there are intact (not neutered) male cats in your home, you can limit her interaction by placing her in a room by herself.

CBD – CBD is a powerful herbal remedy that can help to calm your cat. There are many CBD-infused products, including capsules, treats, and chews.

Pheromones – Synthetic feline pheromones can help to calm your cat. Speak with your vet about these products before using them.

Catnip – Catnip can be a great distraction for your cat, keeping her inside and away from males. Offer loose catnip or break out the catnip toys.

Medication or surgery – If she is especially uncomfortable or agitated, your vet may suggest pharmaceuticals to help calm your cat. Spaying your cat may also be strongly suggested.

Exercise – A healthy way to help your cat deal with her extra energy is to play with her more often. Setting out scratching posts, cat trees, and other solutions will also have a calming effect.

Relief for Cats in Heat

Physical activity is absolutely essential for male and female cats alike. As well, a cat who is able to stretch, climb, sleep, and explore in their own space will be happier and more self-confident, not to mention healthier, calmer, and more flexible.

A cat tree can be the ideal choice for a female cat who is in heat because it allows her to do all of the above in a space that’s all her own while fitting easily into your home’s nooks and crannies. These added opportunities for activity will also help her release extra energy between play sessions with you.

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