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How the Holiday Season Could Be Stressing Out Your Pet

How the Holiday Season Could Be Stressing Out Your Pet

Posted by Becky on 11th Dec 2021

The holiday season is both fun and magical but it can also be very stressful and when it comes to our pets, they aren’t free of the stress of the hustle and bustle either. In fact, there are multiple things about the holidays that can end up stressing out your pet. Here are the different ways your pets may experience stress and some ways to help them feel better.

What’s Affecting Your Pet and What You Can Do to Help Them

One of the best ways to be there for your pet is to learn as much as you can about them. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Learn to Recognize When Your Pet is Stressed - For your cat, it could look like the following:
  • Hiding
  • Non-stop and over-the-top grooming
  • Excess claw sharpening
  • Eliminating outside her box
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite

2. Stick to Their Routine - The holidays present an interesting conflict in which our time is filled with errands and events. With all of these things pulling us away from our norm, it’s important that one thing remains the same, that your pet’s schedule remains the same.

3. Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree - Before humans started domesticating cats and bringing them into their homes, cats enjoyed using trees for hunting. This makes them curious about the tree and can present some new behaviors from them. Here’s how to prepare your tree for them.

  • Anchor Your Tree
  • Cover Electric Cords
  • Block Off the Tree Water
  • Avoid Glass and Sharp Objects

4. Create a Chaos-Free Space for Your Cat - It’s important that your cat has somewhat of an oasis to escape to when they’re feeling stress. Make sure you create this space for them to enjoy when the anxiety sets in.

5. Consider Getting a Cat Tree - Cats love trees because they love being high up. It’s a part of their instincts, helping them maintain control in their environment and cats love being in control.
Being there for your pet in any way you can is important for their quality of life. Making sure you’re aware of the changes that the holidays bring, people, lights, sounds, smells, etc. will help you ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy.

A cat tree is a great way to enhance your cat's environment and can be a great way to help mitigate your cat’s stress this holiday season