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Grow your cat’s health with cat grass

Grow your cat’s health with cat grass

Posted by Armarkat on 28th Feb 2024

You may have seen your cat get into a gleeful frenzy when you give them catnip, but have you considered delighting them with the excitement of cat grass? Kitties go crazy for cat grass because it not only tastes delicious to them but also immensely supports their immune system. “It takes parasites and all sorts of impurities and just sort of forces it out of their system, whether through stool or through vomit,” according to a study conducted by the University of California, Davis.

Cat parent Lise had heard about the benefits of cat grass and decided to try it out for her two very different felines. Outdoor extraordinaire Luc-Luc loves his daily walks and spends most of his time hanging out by the window watching leaves float in the wind. The little rogue has attempted to eat grass and other outside plants several times, to the chagrin of his cat mom.

For fearless adventuring cats like Luc-Luc, the temptation to eat plants around your neighborhood poses severe health issues. Cat expert Jackson Galaxy advises, “I don’t want your cats to go outside and nibble on any old grass because by and large that grass has been treated with fertilizers, pesticides, you have no idea what’s been sprayed on that lawn.” He recommends cat grass as a healthy alternative to your cat snacking on outdoor vegetation, especially when the cat grass contains barley, oats, and rye, which provide healthy wheat protein.

However, indoor-only cats can also benefit from cat grass. Lise’s second cat Virgil has never shown interest in going outside and prefers the softness of a warm blanket to the feeling of dirt under his paws. When the grass from her kit was fully grown, Lise was thrilled to see both kitties munching away. “Virgil loved it! I think he considered it a treat. He even pawed in the dirt after it was all gone!” As for Virgil’s best friend, “Luc-Luc scarfed it down as I predicted he would. I'm just glad that he didn't seem to mind sharing with Virgil!”

The results were amazing and the process was easy. Lise chose to grow the grass in a windowsill at work to avoid the cats gobbling up the sprouts before they could grow. “Luc-Luc can reach any sunny spot in my home, so my office was the best option.” The grass grew to optimal height in just a week. Lise says she plans to continue the routine with a refill of the cat grass every two months. Growing your cat’s health may be easier than you think!

Quote of the day: “Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.” - W. L. George


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