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Does a cat's coat color reveal his personality?

Does a cat's coat color reveal his personality?

Posted by Patricia on 5th Mar 2022

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, most cat guardians think their kitty's personality is related to the color of his fur. If this is true, what coat color should you look for if you're seeking, say, a mellow cat who likes human contact?

The results of UC's study revealed that light color cats are thought to be calm yet aloof. Dark coated felines are felt to have a mysterious air. And tricolored kitties are felt to be annoyed by human contact, while ginger cats were the friendliest of the bunch.

While UC's study was about what cat people perceived, science may offer different ideas on the topic.

Veterinary experts agree there may be a correlation between fur color and personality. Still, they propose the reason may be more about a cat's coloring pigments, known as melanin, and his level of dopamine, a substance in a cat's brain that can impact their personality.

Other experts say it's simply the breed of a cat, not their coat color or brain activity, that determines whether they'll be a friendly, family cat, a lazy, one-person cat, or an aloof kitty who prefers to be left alone. For example, Ragdoll, Ragamuffins, and Persian cats are usually calm and laid back. The Egyptian Mau is active and athletic. Grey Persians are quite affectionate. Siamese cats are affectionate and often vocal. And Maine Coons are known for being affectionate and playful. The list goes on and on.

But pedigreed cats are expensive and usually rare in shelters or rescues. The "Heinz varieties" are blends of different breeds and, unfortunately, too often end up for adoption.

Most cat people seem to think coat color reigns supreme in determining their cat's personality. The tabby cat is quite popular, with the brown ones being on the wild side and the grey ones calmer. Orange cats are engaging and expressive, with the females being more demanding. These are the kind of kitties that show up in shelters or rescues. But this may allow you to learn about their personality from the previous humans or rescue staff, letting you decide if they will be the best match for your family situation.

Above all, keep in mind that each cat, no matter coat color, breed, or pedigree, will have his own personality quirks - just like humans. So keep your cat healthy, entertained, and most of all, loved, and he will be the perfect kitty for you.


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