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Do you know Zoomies?

Do you know Zoomies?

Posted by Patricia on 21st Dec 2022

Through the years, I have watched both my cats and dogs occasionally race around the house like the devil himself was after them. This behavior always entertains me, and when it occurs, I put my tablet or book aside to watch the show. According to DailyPaws, cited below, the technical term for this is "Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPs." It describes the quick but intense moments when your cat - or dog - starts running around the house or "zooming." In the case of my poodles, these spurts often involve running in circles or chasing their tails. Animal behaviorists say the reason your cat gets the zoomies may be as simple as needing to burn up extra energy. And that's true for dogs as well. A typical "zoom session" for animals may only last several seconds. If they become too frequent, the antidote might be to engage your kitty in exercise throughout the day with interactive toys or catnip. Or, allow him to play on an enclosed porch where he can view - but not harm - birds, squirrels, and other small animals. But whizzing around the house can also mean other things that might require a vet visit. For example, cats are crafty about hiding pain, and FRAPs are one way they may try to deal with it. Veterinarians will ask if your cat has also been scratching or licking more than usual additional signs of pain. AZPetVet listed several other reasons for kitty zooms, including behavioral. They remind us they may be how "some indoor cats relieve their inner predator – think hunting, pursuing, pouncing. This is a healthy expression of excitement." Or, sometimes, cats are just being cats. Sit back and smile if you enjoy your feline's antics and he seems otherwise healthy. However, if you feel the behavior isn't like him or other things seem "off," visiting your vet can help put your mind at ease. If you were wondering, humans can also get the zoomies. So if you'd like to experience what it's like for your cat to enjoy a grand zooming adventure, try drinking three cups of caffeinated coffee and then go clean your closets. Quote to remember: "Zoomies are a cat's way of telling you it's time for a treat!" -



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