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December is National Cat Lover's Month

December is National Cat Lover's Month

Posted by Patricia on 3rd Dec 2022

U.S. households are owned by at least one cat.

All those kitties would like the holidays to be a time they receive - and then receive some more. After all, they've been with us for a long time and feel a little entitled. Egyptian art showed felines and humans together at least 4,000 years ago. Many years later, settlers on the Mayflower brought cats to the United States, cementing the bond we enjoy with our furry friends to this day.

How can we shower our felines with the amount of adoration they deserve so they can feel fully appreciated for the little geniuses they are? Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

1. Homemade cat treats

You can get plenty of fancy-looking deliciousness from the stores. Or you can make fresher offerings right in your kitchen. For example, while you can find many different recipes online, our cats love my "Tuna Balls," which take no more than a minute to whip up. Mix canned tuna with melted cheddar or swiss cheese, then roll into small round bites and serve. (Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.)

2. Donate to cat rescues

Whether you have a few hours or a few bucks to spare, there are cat organizations, some probably nearby, who need you.

First, check online to find who they are, then use your social media presence to share stories about the groups and photos of the kitties in their care.

3. Foster a needy kitty

You may not be able to permanently add another cat to your family, but fostering also helps save lives. For example, perhaps a rescue group has an older cat who keeps getting passed over for younger cats. Or maybe a cat with physical challenges can't seem to find the right home. In such cases, you could change a cat's life with a loving foster home until a permanent home is located.

4. Make the season festive with catnip - with a twist

Commercial catnip is lovely, but have you ever made your own? According to, as cited below, 50-70% of cats love catnip, so this is worth trying.

It's inexpensive, easy, and comes with a fun bonus - catnip tea for you! While it's safe for most people in small quantities, you'll want to get permission from your local doctor before sipping this concoction.

According to Almanac, cited below, to make catnip at home, plant seeds from a local nursery or hardware store outside in an area that gets full sun. Then, follow the instructions provided at the link below. After drying, naturally or in a dehumidifier, rub it on your cat toys, bedding, or scratching post and let the fun begin.

Quote to remember: "As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the humankind." -- Cleveland Amory.


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