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Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Yourself and Your Cat

Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Yourself and Your Cat

Posted by Andrea on 12th Sep 2021

Picking the right cat tree can be a difficult undertaking. This is especially true when shopping on Armarkat’s website, Here, you will see close to one-hundred-fifty different models. The main job for your cat tree is to support your fur family with a place to call their own where they can climb, scratch, snooze, and preside over their territory. For you, the main job of the cat tree is to keep Kitty happy and disinterested in scratching your furniture!

It is important to keep in mind that your Armarkat cat tree is an investment that can last the life of your cat. In case you’re wondering, Armarkat makes affordable replacement posts which can and should be replaced every few years as they are made to be used until destroyed. Rest assured that Kitty is using the posts on the tree to scratch, and not your furniture, so all is good! Before you buy your Armarakat tree, let’s consider some of the most important needs of your felines and their lifestyles, as well as your own, before you make the big purchase.

Size Matters. This is your first consideration. Do you have a clowder (that is what you call a group of cats), or just one, size huge, or even two growing kittens? Do you plan on expanding the fur family in the next few years? These matters influence the size of the tree you need. Next, take into consideration where you live. Do you have a spacious home with many rooms that can easily accommodate a large and wide tree? Or, do you live in a small apartment where space is limited and your tree must nestle into a designated corner? Obviously, if your space is unlimited and you currently have, or are planning to have numerous cats, you can go big. If not, smaller is better.

Stability. All Armarkat cat trees are engineered to be structurally sound. If you assemble correctly and tighten the screws regularly, Kitty should be able to run from across the room to scale your tree from base to tallest perch in seconds flat. There should be no wobble! This is where we refer you to “holding weight.” As long as the total weight of all feline occupants stays under the designated holding weight, you are golden. Don’t forget to look up holding weights which are listed on your tree’s description on This is what gives your tree its structural integrity—and why Armarkat replacement parts are the only parts that should ever be used with your Armarkat tree.

Materials and Construction. All Armarkat trees have different coverings over wooden bases and perches. The only Armarkat trees without coverings are the “S” models, which are constructed from Scotch pine. This is a polished wood surface that cats can get their claws into as needed for climbing. The majority of Armarkat’s trees are covered in either silky faux fur, cozy faux fleece, or luxurious carpeting. Depending upon Kitty’s preferences and your decor, you can choose from colors and textures meant to blend neatly into most environments.

Amenities. Armarkat cat trees have perches, platforms, and any number of the kitty distractions: condos, running ramps, hammocks, baskets, hanging toys, and more. Every single scratching post is covered in seasoned sisal, which is the best scratching material you can buy. It will keep them away from your furniture while providing their claws with as much scratching fun as they can handle.

You Get What You Pay for. Here’s the bottom line: Armarkat trees sometimes cost a bit more than the rest because of their premium materials and durable construction. Other brands may look similar but cost less since they are not wood. Only Armarkat is engineered for many years of feline rest, play and fun!

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