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Cat Poop

Cat Poop

Posted by Patricia on 17th Apr 2023

While a cat's litter box isn't a pleasant topic, it can be a crucial gauge of your cat's health. PetsWebMD, cited below, says most cats poop once or twice daily. But, as with humans, there are variables in how often cats poop, the cat poop’s appearance, and other aspects.

Regarding cat poop, what's normal and what's not depends on your cat and what's happening that's causing your cat discomfort and making you anxious.


It's common for cats to have mild cases that quickly come and go. However, according to PetsWebMD, if diarrhea lasts over a few days, it will be time to see your veterinarian. Diarrhea may be a symptom of food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, parasites, or more severe issues such as pancreatic disease, cancer, or hyperthyroidism.

When treating your cat at home, never give him Pepto Bismol when he has stomach upsets like diarrhea. This over-the-counter treatment may be excellent for humans but is highly toxic to cats. It contains salicylates, which could cause respiratory failure and hyperglycemia in your kitty.


The opposite of diarrhea is just as distressing for you and your cat. If you notice your cat hasn't had a bowel movement in a few days or he's straining in his litter box, a vet visit is necessary. PetMD, cited below, notes that struggling to go in his litter box may be caused by issues such as not drinking enough water, obstruction caused by overgrooming, obstructions from a swallowed object like a toy, or more severe problems, such as intestinal blockage, or diabetes.

An article on ASPCA Pet Insurance, cited below, says, "To prevent diarrhea, don't give your cat dairy products like milk or yogurt -- many cats can't digest them properly. Also, if you switch the brand or type of food you give them, be sure to introduce it over several days by mixing it with smaller and smaller amounts of the old food until they are eating only the new stuff."

To help keep your cat's poop normal, keep his litter box clean and in an area with little family activity. For example, if the box is in the laundry room, try to keep heavily-scented products to a minimum. Sometimes, cats will rebel if they don't like the smell of their surroundings, even though humans might think the products smell heavenly.

Quote to remember: "The litter tray is emptied again; someone is stealing my poop!" - The Cat