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Cat cafés

Cat cafés

Posted by Patricia on 18th Sep 2023

Cat cafés aren't new, but they are still relatively novel. Recent statistics show there are currently 144 cat cafés across the US. This tidbit comes from Meow Around, cited below, which lists contact information for cat cafés worldwide, including those in South America, Europe, and Asia. The site also offers a handy search feature to help you find a café near you.

Cat cafés have been around since 1998. The first one was named Cat Flower Garden and was located in Taipei, Taiwan. The popularity of cat cafés first spread to Japan, then the US, and the rest, they say, is "hiss-tory."

For example, Meow Around reports 11 cafés for felines in my state of Florida alone.

"We've seen cat cafés pop up in pretty much every major city," said Katie Logue, who owns Tally Cat Café in Tallahassee. "They are growing in popularity, and you can see that every shelter they partner with definitely increases their cat adoptions."

Cat cafés provide an additional way for local humane societies and animal control facilities to free up space and increase adoption rates. While many people visit a cat café to find a new pet, some cafés may also be open for what some call "recreational" reasons. Meow Around explains that while some people love cats, they cannot have pets where they live. Spending time in a cat café filled with all kinds of cats, from kittens to seniors, allows them a chance to enjoy cat play without worrying about a landlord.

Studies show that cat cafés are beneficial to cats as well. Socialization among other cats and lots of human attention and handling are big pluses for the kitties. Appointments are usually required, and cat café organizers limit how many people they allow in simultaneously. Some cafés can arrange one-on-one visits if someone is interested in a specific cat.

As of July of this year, the humans at Cat Town, cited below, had found homes for 259 felines who might have faced euthanasia in shelters. Their mission statement sums it up nicely: "Support elderly, stressed, sick, and injured shelter cats facing euthanasia. Our mission is to transform the approach to saving shelter cats, reducing euthanasia nationwide."

Coffee, cuddles, and a new home for the kitties - cat cafés are definitely "cat-chin" on! Check Meow Around for the closest one to you.

Quote to remember: "Warmth and whiskers at Cat Café." - Slogan found on


Cat Town


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