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Armarkat Holiday Gifts for Your Cat…

Armarkat Holiday Gifts for Your Cat…

Posted by Andrea on 30th Nov 2021

‘Tis the season for all good cats and kittens to gather under the cat tree and unwrap their pawsome presents from Santa Claws!

But wait, you say you don’t have a cat tree and all the trimmings? Well, Armarkat is here to fix that while solving your cat-giving gift needs for the holiday season.

First, let’s make sure you have a tree to decorate. Come with us to Santa’s workshop at Here, you will find cat trees in every shape and size; from kitten scratchers for the tiniest of babies to large and sprawling cat trees that can hold an entire family of fluffy felines. The one thing the trees have in common is top quality from Armarkat, the go-to brand and best- in-class manufacturer of self-assembly cat trees. What’s more, most Armarkat trees are Cat Daddy Approved by cat behaviorist, author, and TV star, Jackson Galaxy.

Any Armarkat tree you select is built with strength and stability to support the number of cats indicated in the cat tree’s holding weight. You can rest assured knowing that Armarkat cat trees will securely support them even when they bound across the room to climb to the topmost perch of their tree. What’s more, you can rely on Armarkat for durability and long-lasting construction. Unlike some cat trees made of cardboard, Armarkat trees are all wood, with coverings ranging from faux fur or faux fleece to luxurious carpet or polished Scotch pine. A 6-month warranty and replacement parts, if needed, should seal the deal. Let’s look at a few of Armarkat’s 150+ models, ranging from the petite to the gigantic.

As you can see above, we have chosen three very different cat trees for examples. The first, Model B5701 is one of Armarkat’s most popular mid-size cat trees. For two large or three small cats, it holds 40 pounds of furry fun. At just under 5 feet tall, it is a great size to hug the corner of any room. Covered in cottony faux fleece, it is an easy access tree with a huge condo in the middle.

Next to that, we go into the larger trees with Armarkat’s Classic B7701, another of our top sellers. This large cat tree rises to almost 80” in height and has a holding weight of 80 pounds. Multiple cat households should find room for each member of their feline family. Dual condos with multiple large openings, running ramp, and 3 top perches make this a joy to behold for cats great and small.

Finally, for the single cat or kittens among us, who wouldn’t love Scratcher X2001, on the right? Covered in premium faux fur for a silky velvet finish, this small model will hold 15 pounds; one full-grown cat or a few little kittens. Just for the fun of it, Armarkat trees come complete with bat-a-balls Full assembly instructions and the hardware needed to finish it are included in the package.

Once you have your Catmas tree set up, it’s time to shower the little ones with gifts beneath the cat tree! Here are 2 great suggestions:

You won’t find anything softer than The Cuddler bed, Model C70NBS, above left. Ultra plush and covered in soft shag, this bed will have your cat sleeping like a kitten. Next to it, you’ll see C95GFS, a cave-style bed of cozy pink faux fleece that’s shaped like a treat! Most Armarkat beds have water resistant and skid-free bases so they will stay in place.

So, start your holiday right, and thank your fuzzy family with any of these great gifts from Armarkat. Rely on Armarkat for quality, variety, and products that will last. For pricing and much more information on these and other items including wall climbers, pet beds, playpens and pet carriers, go to: