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Finding What's Right for Your Furry Friend!

Finding the Purrfect Cat Tree and More

Finding the Purrfect Cat Tree

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree 

A cat tree improves your indoor cat’s quality of life and provides an outlet for their instincts in the safety of your home. These intelligent companions are curious, and need both physical exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy.

Choosing an Armarkat Classic Cat Tree is easy—with solid construction, a wide variety of engaging, secure and adventurous designs, and faux fur and faux fleece fabrics available. Our classic cat trees can stand up to all the vigorous use and “cat crazies” your feline companion could wish for.

Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Your Furry Friend

Browse through our selection of affordable and aesthetically pleasing designs and look for the materials and surfaces your pet prefers. Is lying on a high “branch” or platform your tree-cat’s style? Or is yours a cave-cat that likes to hide in a den and plan a sneak attack? We have multi-level cat trees that cater to both types of play, and larger models will please multi-cat families.

You can narrow your search by the space you have available, with an entertaining small cat tree, an exciting medium cat tower, or the large or extra-large Armarkat classic cat tree for maximum enjoyment:

Or, look at all the sizes that feature your cat’s favorite material:

  • Faux Fur Cat Trees
  • Faux Fleece Cat Trees

Every design features different options, including:

  • Toys
  • Hammocks
  • Ledges
  • Cubby holes
  • Scratching surfaces

Entertaining Feline Explorers Since 1994

When you choose the Armarkat Classic Cat Tree, you know that we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and share your passion for enhancing your companion’s enjoyment of life. With our reputation for top quality in the industry, it may surprise you how affordable it can be to have one shipped right to your doorstep.

We use only environmentally friendly materials with sturdy foundations, and your shipped cat tree is easy to assemble, making it possible to add quality cat furniture to your home in just a few days. Not only will it please your feline friend, you will enjoy years of watching energetic play and peaceful cat naps in your new Armarkat cat tree.


It is called a cat nap for good reason—your cat probably sleeps twice as much as you do. Choosing a large or small cat bed from our wide selection will provide comfort and security for your feline companion as they age. Soft, durable, and washable, Armarkat pet beds come in many styles and shapes to fit your spaces and match your décor.

The Benefits of a High-Quality Cat Bed

While we all like to snuggle on the couch with our cat or even snooze together on the bed, providing a plush large cat bed for power naps and a restful perch has many advantages.

  • Temperature regulation. Maintaining the right body temperature leads to restful sleep for your cat, just as it does for you. Fabrics and surface textures can provide either a cooler or warmer spot for kitty’s comfort.
  • Better support. Maturing cats appreciate a softer surface to lay on, especially covering hard surfaces, but even younger cats may benefit from the support for muscles and joints a good cat bed provides. If you own a cat of size, a large cat bed for sleeping is even more important.
  • Improving skin conditions and reducing dander. When your cat sleeps on his or her own pet bed, pressure points that can lead to bare “elbow” spots are reduced. In addition, loose cat hair and dander stays on the bed, which can be wiped clean or washed on a regular basis for your cat’s health and cleanliness.

Where Should You Place a Cat Bed?

You might choose to have a small cat bed in a favorite windowsill or perching place, and a large cat bed next to you on the couch. Every cat has its own list of favorite sleeping places. Maybe you have a “tree cat” that likes to sleep on the highest possible point, or a “cave cat” that relaxes under the coffee table. Here are some places our customers put their new cat beds:

  • Elevated spaces like windowsills, bookcases, or the corner of a desk
  • Special spots like the arm or back of the couch, foot of the bed, or nestled in comfy armchairs
  • Inside or on top of existing cat furniture for additional comfort and easy cleaning
  • In a quiet hidden place for a shy cat, under a table, in a cat fort, or in any small, well ventilated cubby where your kitty feels safe

Choosing the Best Cat Bed Available

Our specially designed cat beds consider the preferences of both cats and their human homeowners, with fabrics that will warm or cool your cat and blend smoothly with your furnishings. Armarkat pet beds will lull your cat or dog into a sweet sleep. Lying on a soft pillow or hugged by a cozy bolster, he or she will wake to greet you, relaxed and energized.

Browse our selection today or contact us for more detailed information about which bed is best for a unique cat like yours. 


Cater to Your Kitten's Natural Desires: With Armarkat's diverse collection of kitten scratchers, embrace the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and style. Our scratchers are designed to satisfy your kitten's primal scratching instincts while encouraging healthy behavior from the start.

Features & Benefits:

  • Diverse Textures for Ultimate Satisfaction: Choose from seasoned sisal, corrugated cardboard, and more, to keep your kitten engaged and entertained.
  • Sturdy and Versatile Designs: Our scratchers come in various shapes and sizes, featuring vertical and horizontal options to cater to every kitten's preference.Interactive Elements: Equipped with toys and cozy resting spots, they offer a comprehensive playground for your kitten.
    • Vertical Posts: Ideal for kittens that love stretching and scratching downwards.
    • Horizontal Scratchers: Perfect for those who prefer sprawling out on a flat surface.
  • Construction Excellence: With sisal rope for durability and faux fur for comfort, our scratchers stand the test of rowdy play and cozy naps.

Choosing the Right Scratcher:

  • Understand Your Kitten's Preferences: Acknowledging that each kitten has unique preferences is key to selecting the right scratcher.
  • Size Matters: For kittens under 8 months, compact cat trees fit well in small spaces. As they grow, consider taller posts (30 inches or more) for extended adventure.
  • Stability for Safety: Look for designs with a wide and stable base to prevent tipping during play.

Why Armarkat?

  • Designed for Preference: Our scratchers align with the features kittens naturally gravitate towards, ensuring they are not only entertained but also developing good scratching habits.
  • Aesthetic and Durable: With options to complement your home décor and withstand the most spirited play, Armarkat scratchers are a long-term investment in your kitten's well-being.

Explore our selection today and find the perfect scratcher that promises a 'scratching good time' while fostering healthy life habits from the start.


Unleash Joy: Engaging Toys for Cats and Dogs

From chew toys to puzzles, our collection keeps your pet entertained with safe, durable materials for hours of fun.

Travel in Comfort and Style: Armarkat Pet Carriers

Elevate Your Pet's Travel Experience with Armarkat: Unleash unparalleled comfort and style for your furry friends with our meticulously designed Armarkat pet carriers. Our offerings promise not only ergonomic support and enhanced ventilation but also an exceptionally lightweight structure that simplifies mobility. Each carrier is thoughtfully equipped with multiple access points to ensure convenience for both pet and owner.

Tailored Comfort for Your Companion: Crafted with the needs of cats and small dogs in mind, our carriers boast plush, removable cushions that promise a cozy journey. The sturdy vinyl exteriors paired with breathable mesh panels offer a perfect blend of durability and visibility, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort. Additional features include convenient pockets for treats and essentials, with options ranging from wheeled designs for easy transport to airline-compliant models for hassle-free travel.

Revel in the Great Outdoors with Armarkat Pet Playpens: Extend the joy of exploration to your pets with our versatile playpens. Designed for effortless outdoor enjoyment, these collapsible structures ensure your pets can savor the sunshine securely. Each playpen, available in an array of vibrant colors, comes with a handy carrying case for easy storage and transport.

The Armarkat Promise: At the heart of every product lies the Armarkat guarantee – a commitment to robust construction, enduring durability, and unwavering reliability. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with choosing a brand synonymous with quality and excellence in pet care.





Restful Slumber: Beds and Mats for Dogs

Choose from plush beds for ultimate comfort, all easy to clean for a hygienic sleep environment.


Exclusive Deals: Quality Pet Products at Great Prices

Don’t miss our limited-time offers and special promotions on high-quality pet products, from cat trees to toys and beds.

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