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Extra Large Perch

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  • Description

    Great Add-on Part to your existing Armarkat Cat Tree, 

    Size: 18" x 16" x 3"

    Choice of Material:

    Solid Wood

    Beige Ultra-thick Faux Fur

    Ivory Faux Fleece

    If you need any hardware to go with your replacement part order, please tell us in "Customer Comments" field while checking out.

  • Review
    • 4
      Great size for large cats

      Posted by Stephanie on 16th Nov 2020

      This is a great size for large cats or two average cats who like to sleep together. Being deeper than the standard perch is also great and seems like it makes them feel more secure. I reduced the score by one star because it arrived with damage to one side (a chunk cut out as if it had been dropped). Probably wouldn’t have been damaged if it had been packaged a little better (it was wrapped in bubble wrap and packing tape and that’s all).

    • 5
      Extra Large Perch

      Posted by Darlene Campbell on 8th Aug 2020

      Had to upgrade one of the perches for our plumpish cat. More room for her and easy to install. Great!

    • 5
      Pricey but worth it

      Posted by Mike Pinter on 4th Jun 2020

      Our large male ragdoll has grown so large he's hanging off both ends of the current perch on his B5701 tree. This added 3 or 4 inches in either direction and he fits much better, especially with the taller lip. A great upgrade for the tree.

    • 5
      Extra Large Perch *****

      Posted by Rosemary Gates on 25th May 2020

      I got my Armarkat Classic Cat Tree shortly after I adopted my then 5 month old cat. He has loved it every day. He just turned 3 and has outgrown the top perch. I communicated with the excellent customer service staff at Armarkat and chose the Extra Large Perch. It arrived in less than a week! I’m extremely happy with the quality, it was simple to attach, and best of all, my cat couldn’t wait to use it. I would strongly recommend this product and company to anyone. Thanks Armarkat for such a wonderful product!

    • 3
      There's no base to this perch

      Posted by Lee on 28th Apr 2020

      I didn't realize this was an accessory, and did not come with a base of it's own. What do I need to order for you to send me a base? I don't need a full tree. I have another tree from a different seller (I suspect) since the base screws are too small, can you help me out? ARMARKAT: It's like asking for a Ford part for a Cadillac. Unfortunately, Armarkat is the only brand to supply replacement parts, which are custom for Armarkat trees. You should've bought an Armarkat. Sorry we can't help here.

    • 4
      Extra large perch

      Posted by Michele Cahoon on 1st Feb 2020

      We love the extra large perch we replaced the smaller top perch of our cat tree with! Our precious Maine Coon was a little too big for the original perch. We feel more secure with her having this larger one with the sides on it. She loves to sleep up there, but we were afraid she would fall off. The carpet could be better quality, it was extremely thin and sparse in places. Also didn't have any loops or areas to tie the pompom ball toys on. But overall very happy with purchase! Armarkat: Please keep looking. There should be hooks for attaching.

    • 5
      Extra large beige faux fur perch

      Posted by Robert Helm on 6th Jan 2020

      Excellent product! I purchased two a few weeks ago and our cats (5) loved them so much I got this third one to complete the replacement of the three original perches on the cat tree. Armarkat #7407. They really like the extra size! Armarkat: That's for your great review. What a great tree you have!

    • 5
      I received two of the large (15in.) beige faux fur perches. They are to replace two of the perches on my model 7407 cat tree as one our newest cats has got quite large! The look great and work great! We now have a total of 5 cats, and 3 additional 57

      Posted by Robert E. Helm on 14th Dec 2019

      The products are great and so is the customer service.

    • 5

      Posted by David on 14th Oct 2019

      Very well made product. Armarkat: Thanks, David. We take pride in that all of our products are engineered to be top quality and built to last.

    • 5

      Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2019

      Our new kittens love to snuggle together and sleep on the top perch of our cat tree, but they kept falling off of the edges of the smaller perch that came with our cat tree. This perch is huge, with plenty of room for them to continue sleeping together as they grow, and I think they love being able to flop against the taller sides without feeling like they’re going to fall off. I do wish that some of the cat trees were available with the extra large perches as an option, but I am happy that these replacement perches are available.

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