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Spring Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers…

Posted by Andrea on 20th Mar 2020

In light of everyone’s attention to hand washing and other cleanliness routines as a result of the covid-19 virus, this week’s blog will cover how to keep your cat and his surroundings free of excess fur and dander.

With the emphasis on social distancing and staying inside, Spring is the perfect time for cat owners to do some serious house cleaning. At the same time, authorities suggest that the warm weather is perfect for exploring the out-of-doors. Of course, you need to follow the “6 feet away” rule regarding other people who are doing the same thing as you.

As humans go through various cycles, so too does our fur family, especially with regards to shedding. As a matter of fact, the amount of light that cat fur is exposed to is what determines the amount of shedding. The thinning out of the heavy winter coat is the reason that cats shed during Spring.

Though certain breeds don’t shed as much as others, they all shed to some extent. It is more noticeable in long-haired breeds, but short-haired breeds shed as well. While the cat’s shedding will make him feel more comfortable in the warmer weather, it can be a nightmare for your Armarkat cat tree. This is why Armarkat’s tree coverings like faux fur and faux fleece are constructed to withstand a good spot cleaning. You can use a hand vac followed by a bit of soap and water and your cat tree should look good as new.

Also, to control the shedding process make sure you brush more often than in the winter. This will also prevent the dreaded regurgitation of those nasty hairballs! Using a brush, comb, mat remover, or grooming glove for a few minutes each day is certainly preferable to finding dead hair--or worse--throughout your house. Hopefully, your cat will adapt to the routine. My cat can’t wait for her daily brushing.

If you want, you can expedite the shedding process by giving him a bath. Though generally not tolerated as well as brushing, this is the best way to keep skin, undercoat, and topcoat fresh and clean. He may not love it but will feel great afterwards.

Spring is the time when insects begin to arrive. Especially if your cat is permitted to go outside, you should take action now to get him a good flea and tick collar. Take precautions to protect your feline as well as your entire household from suffering an infestation. You may also want to treat your yard with a pet-safe insecticide to prevent your fur baby from bringing home any unwelcome house guests.

For the inside of your home, you can start by moving the furniture to remove any cat fur or dander that has collected underneath. Different furniture fabrics will retain and show more fur that others, but whether or not you can see it, now is the time to brush it away. Hopefully, your cat’s Armarkat cat tree has prevented much of this. Clean your cat tree as described above, and machine wash his Armarkat pet bed. You may want to consider adding an air purifier since these are designed to remove pet dander and keep your room both odor and allergen-free.

Finally, with the Spring come allergens that can affect your favorite feline as well as yourself. As with people, allergens like pollen can cause breathing and skin irritations. Watch how kitty breathes and monitor him for weepy eyes, sneezing, or itchy ears. If necessary, your veterinarian is there to assist with any issues.

Do your best to stay safe and sound in these uncertain times. But make sure you are protecting kitty by keeping the focus on cleaning both yours and his environment.

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