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Extra Large, Fluffy Gray Round Cat Bed - C71NHS

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  • Description

    Every cat wants a nice place to sleep and feel safe. This ultra plush bed, The Cuddler, Model C71NHS, in silvery-gray shag will bring an elegant look to your home, along with a cozy place for your cat to spend time. It's round and serves as an extra-large cat bed that can welcome multiple kitties. This "donut"-shaped bed is incredibly soft and snuggly, and it provides a lot of support with its thick padding, measuring nearly 5" thick. The material is high-quality and durable, and its color won't clash with your decor. The rim is raised to give your cat good support for the neck and head. The rim encourages a feeling of safety for cats who want a place of their own to sleep and play. With so much support and softness, you can count on their sleep to be restful.

    Bed: 41" (L) x 41" (W) x 9.5" (H)
    Padding Thickness: 4.7"
    Package Dimensions: 35.8" (L) x 23.6" (W) x 6.3" (H)
    Gross Weight: 8.8 lbs.
    Net weight: 7.5 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 10 lbs.


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