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Which Armarkat Bed is Best for my Cat?

Which Armarkat Bed is Best for my Cat?

Posted by Andrea on 11th Apr 2021

The world of pet beds is awash in color, size, shape, and texture! Whichever Armarkat bed you choose, you can be sure it will be a well-designed, sturdy, and long lasting addition to your home and a treat for your cat. Most Armarkat cat beds are easily washable in your machine, so that is one less worry for you. Some even come with covers that zip off for machine washing. Now that you know you can keep them clean, it is important to take into consideration what qualities will be best for your particular feline.

Choose the Right Size: The first consideration for picking a bed is to get the right size. This may sound easy, but if it is too big or too small finicky Kitty will not be comfortable. Measure from head to tail to find the bed that’s just right. Add a few inches to the length and width, and you have found the ideal size. Now, you can look for a bed that matches.

Pick the Best Style: As we all know, style can be quite an individual thing! Same with cats, but in a slightly different manner. Different cats have different preferences on how they like to spend their dozing time, a very important part of their day! Some cats want to sprawl out in an open space, whereas other felines opt for a secluded spot where they can hide away unseen and unnoticed. Hooded beds or slipper-shaped beds can provide the best of both worlds with space to hide and an area to look out of at the same time.

Round Beds: These most traditional of cat all beds, they are available in oh-so-many colors and materials. Guaranteed to fit any decor, you can choose from plush shags to velvets to suedes to upholstery. Most have bolstered sides. If your older cat has mobility issues, choose a bed with very low bolsters so they don’t have to jump to climb in or out.

Cave Beds: Cave beds are great for skittish kitties who just want a feeling of safety. They are perfect for “box” cats who seek out the best containers in which to hide. The cave’s enclosed space usually has a soft inner pillow for snuggling. Cave beds can include many variations. They can be shaped like teepees or animals. In addition to those, Armarkat offers a Great Pumpkin bed that cats can hide in all year long!

Settling Into the Bed: To the cat’s superior sense of smell, the new bed may at first smell like a foreign object. Washing the bed or placing a piece of your clothing inside can help attract Kitty to use the bed. Next, take into consideration where kitty likes to while away the hours. Is it in a sunny corner or a place where she can see outside? Or, is it an area where she can hide herself away to snooze? This should give you a clue as to where the bed’s best placement will be. Since cats feel safer higher up, is there a good spot that’s a bit above floor level? If so, just make sure the bed stable in place.

And by the way, all Armarkat cat beds come with water resistant, non-skid bottoms for even more stability. In no time, you should find that Kitty has adopted this new bed as her go-to place for the best in hiding and resting.

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