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What is Normal Cat Sleep Behavior?

What is Normal Cat Sleep Behavior?

Posted by Andrea on 21st Jan 2020

Did you ever wonder why your cat looks so comfortable as he sleep on high atop his Armarkat cat tree? Or, how about when he hides deep inside his Armarkat pet bed?

Well, it turns out that our cats love to sleep where they feel safe, comfortable, and warm. They adore their high cat tree perches where they can monitor their environment from above at a safe distance. They also love to sleep in their cozy beds, cat condos, or hidden away just about anywhere you can't see them. These hiding spots are, without fail, out of sight and reach of any predators.

Cats love to sleep, and they do it a lot. The average feline will sleep about 13-15 hours every day, with some cats sleeping up to 20 hours a day. Obviously, their behavior comes from ancient times when they needed to be on the lookout for predators. As you have probably seen, cats are light sleepers and can go from sleep to alert and on the run in no time. This is why the term "catnap" originated.

Another awesome term when describing felines is "crepuscular." This means that cats' activity levels peak at dawn and dusk. Twilight is when they are most active. In spite of most domestic cats residing indoors, their predatory instincts take over as they dart around the house well before you are quite awake.

Favorite sleep positions may vary with the individual kitty, but the majority sleep curled up in balls with chin on chest and tail tucked gracefully beside them. Sometimes they lay down with face between their paws or covering their eyes with their paws as if to block out any light. These are all ways to retain body heat and minimize any heat loss while sleeping. To learn about head pressing as an affectation of feline sleep, go to: