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The Zoomies: When Cats Go Crazy!

The Zoomies: When Cats Go Crazy!

Posted by Andrea on 1st Aug 2021

I know your cat does this. Every normal, healthy feline gets the Zoomies.  And usually, it is on at least a daily basis. What do you think causes it?

Whether you call it the Zoomies or the Midnight Crazies, these are periods of hyperactivity where a resting cat is suddenly full of energy. She runs around the house and jumps up on furniture, then runs around some more. These frenetic activity periods are usually brief and generally normal. As Kitty suddenly runs in circles, darts up the stairs then back down, all you can do is get out of her way until the session passes and she resumes her normal energy level.

  • 1.Do not chase the cat. Let the FRAP run its course. If you chase them, this could well encourage them to become even more frenetic, preventing a quicker return to normal.
  • 2.Do not yell at Kitty. This is never a good idea, no matter what bothersome behavior you might see. Most of the time, their behaviors are genetic, and the cat won’t understand your objection to something that comes totally natural to them. Again, it could just prolong the FRAP.
  • 3.Do not punish. For the same reason as above, you should not discipline any animal who is behaving as his ancestors have for thousands of years. It is not something you should get them to stop doing. Reprimands and yelling may only result in escalation of the behaviors you seek to control.

When all is said and done, the Zoomies should typically be regarded as just another eccentric trait of your favorite fur family member. If possible, you should increase regular playtime with toys and distract them before the Zoomies set in. Hopefully, you will tire them out so the Zoomies don’t happen right before your own bed time is interrupted by the crazy pitter-patter of zooming feet!

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