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The Sky’s The Limit…Or, How to Create a Great Wall Climber for your Cat!

The Sky’s The Limit…Or, How to Create a Great Wall Climber for your Cat!

Posted by Andrea on 24th Feb 2021

You already have your Armarkat cat tree in the perfect location, but Kitty wants to hang out in another room, one that’s too small for another cat tree. So, what do you do? The answer is to create a custom wall space that Kitty will just adore. You will love it, too, since it doesn’t take up floor space when that is at a premium.

There are various approaches to creating a custom cat climbing system for your home. The first approach is to integrate the design of the various perches and shelves with your decor. In this manner, no one will even notice that this interesting shelving system is really a cat climber! The other way is to make the design of the climber an attention-grabber in and of itself, the centerpiece of the room in which the wall climber was built.

When you start shopping, you will notice there are numerous different brands and different pieces from which you can choose. However, if you already have an Armarkat cat tree, you need look no further. Since you are already familiar with the quality and stability of Armarkat’s shelves, posts and condos used on its cat trees, you can assume the same caliber of engineering that goes into your cat trees is repeated with each of the various wall climber components.

  • 1.Make it Easy: Plan your levels so they are simple for the cat to get around. Distance between shelves should be no more than 9”-12” so Kitty can easily spring from one level to the next. Avoid spatial gaps which could make it difficult, resulting in her not using your wonderful, new creation!
  • 2.Create mini-destinations: Make sure the shelves lead to a fun place for Kitty to climb towards. A lounging station at the top or a scratcher mid-way will be attractive stops on her cat climbing experience and will compel her frequent use. A great hiding place will always be her cat condo, so try to make sure that it is positioned a bit off the main pathway, especially if there are other felines who will be using the wall climber.
  • 3.How high is too high? Keep in mind that the climbing system need not reach the ceiling! Start low, so Kitty has easy access and can climb to a reasonable height. If your cat is older, you may want to add more steps or side rails for extra stability.
  • 4.Install it Where You will Enjoy It! Perhaps near your desk or a comfy chair where you watch TV would be a great place? Most of the time, the best spot will call out to when you start examining the room. You cat enjoys spending time with you, so this will be a great way to give her the added perspective from above that she craves while climbing and relaxing near her favorite person.

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