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The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats: Armarkat Wins!

Posted by Andrea on 25th Jan 2020

As we're sure you know, it can be a struggle to find an affordable but sturdy cat tree for large cats due to the many poor quality cat trees on the market. From across the pond comes, who have selected two Armarkat cat tree models in this category, including Best Overall Tree and Condo. blog attempts to lead you in the right direction by helping you make the best buying decisions. First, one must note that large cats need a tower that is durable enough to handle the force of their running and jumping from the floor to the perches and back down again.

A lightweight tree won't stand up to the g-forces for long, but Armarkat's Model B6802 was chosen Top Cat Tree for its sturdiness and overall value and affordability. With durable faux fleece coverings, 10 sisal scratching posts and 5 platforms, it is ideal for large cats with a holding weight of 60 pounds, or about 4 big felines.

Also selected was Armarkat model A6202. At 62 inches tall and with 40 pounds of cat-holding power, its stunning beige faux fur has a soft and clean lightness, giving it a high-quality appearance that cannot be touched by the cheaper imitations produced by some manufacturers.

As you know, the best cat towers and trees offer a host of awesome benefits and can improve your felines' overall quality of life. The best of these, like the Armarkat models mentioned here, feature not only many perches and sisal posts, but condos for napping and toys for playing.

For lots more good information on what to look for when searching for cat trees for larger cats, go to: