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The Benefits of Having a Cat Tree

Posted by Angie on 12th Sep 2019

Cats loves to relax at high places. Since cats spend over 70% of the time resting, it is important to create a good and stable territory for your fur children. Having a cat tree is not a luxurious purchase. It is a good investment. A cat tree will help keeping your furniture and appliance safe. A cat tree also helps a timid cats. A timid cat may feel stressed when a territory has unfamiliar scents, like on a sofa. A cat tree will only have cat's scent which create a sense of security for the cat. A multi-level cat tree will help keeping peace at home when you have more than one cats in the house. Cat tree also serves more than one function. Besides providing a resting area for your cats, it also provides scratching option if the cat tree comes with scratching sisal posts.

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