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Pet Appreciation Week: Why Does My Cat Hunt?

Pet Appreciation Week: Why Does My Cat Hunt?

Posted by Andrea on 15th Jun 2021

Do you know that June 6th to June 12th is Pet Appreciation Week? With that in mind, this week’s blog seeks to help us better understand our felines. Let’s examine their deeply-rooted instincts for hunting.

Maybe you have purchased a collection of cat toys for your favorite feline. Have you received special gifts in return after you cat has gone outside? If you have, they come in the form of dead or half-dead mice or birds that Kitty has hunted and presented to you. This is simply in keeping with the feline’s deep instincts for predatory behavior. If you know felines and what makes them tick, you can use this knowledge to redirect their activity in attempts to discourage this behavior.

  • 1.Stalking & Pouncing. The feline identifies her prey, crouches low, and moves slowly towards it. When close to it, she leaps up for the capture.
  • 2.Ambush. In this strategy, the cat hides and lies in wait until the best moment to pounce onto the intended victim.

Cat Fishing. If you are near the water, you may witness cats dipping paws into the water in attempts to come out with a nice, fresh-caught dinner. They may even wade in a bit to see which fish are the most desirable.

  • 1.Play! I’m sure you hear that play is crucial to redirecting hunting behavior. Ten minutes of daily play is said to cut down hunting behavior by 25%.
  • 2.Protein. Reduce hunting by 36% with a protein diet from meat, not soy.
  • 3.Jingle Bell Collars. Obviously, prey is safer when Kitty’s stealth is audible.

Obviously, we do not want to change our felines’ nature. Do not discipline them for their instinctive behaviors. If you do your best to redirect Kitty towards safer, more pleasant activities, both you and she will have a happier time together.

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