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Make the Most of Feline Playtime…

Make the Most of Feline Playtime…

Posted by Andrea on 8th Aug 2021

Does your cat not want to play? Do you get out his toys and stand there watching him walk away after just one minute? I can tell you that this is what my cat does!

While it is always the young kittens that are most interested in playing, when it comes to our adult felines it is often hard work to get them interested in toys and playtime. Our job is to get these couch potato cats off the sofa and engaged with toys that will help them release their pent-up energy. This is the energy that results in the zoomies--just when you are ready for bed. If they play until they are tired out, they may be too sleepy to run around the house at inopportune hours!

To find out what toys might be will suited to your cat, let’s take a look at the various types of activities that pique his interest. Since one cat is so different from the next, in this way we can best match the toy to the player, so to speak!

Is Kitty most interested in window watching? Does he chatter at the birds and outside animals as they go by?

This cat enjoys the hunt and needs the type of toys that will simulate the hunting experience for him. Wand toys with feathers and small attachments like birdies or mice that appear to move on their own will be the most likely plaything to get his juices going.

Does Kitty bring toys to you? Or, does he keep drop them near his food or in his water bowl?

If your Kitty likes to play fetch with a small object that he can bring to you that you can throw back to him so he can bring it to you again, then he is most interested in the spoils of the hunt. In this case, you can provide him with small stuffed animals or balls. Whatever he can carry in his mouth will be the most appealing. He can return over and over with different objects at different times.

Is Kitty a pouncer? Does he like to wrap his entire cat body around objects while scratching and kicking at them?

If this describes your cat, then make sure he has his fair share of full-size plush toys. Also, pick up some of those catnip-filled kicking sticks. He can practice “killing” his prey with those quick back feet as he kicks and scratches at his toy.

Is Kitty first to investigate anything that’s new? Does he bat at it until it crashes to the floor just as quickly?

If so, your cat is highly inquisitive. Watching objects fall is his entertainment. If things break, it’s even more fun! This cat may be most happy with puzzle toys to stimulate his mind. Add kitty tunnels and any motion-activated toys for this cat.

Finally, does Kitty get the zoomies? Dose he run around at 90mph?

The best cure for the zoomies is his Armarkat cat tree. He can dart around the room, then run like lightning to the uppermost perch. Here, he can see his world while swinging at the hanging bat-a-ball! When he soon tires, he can nap happily.

Chances are that your cat likes many of these cat-tivities! If this is the case, you are in luck because you get to offer whatever toy he is in the mood for. Just don’t forget to mix up the toys. Like you, he needs variety or he will tire of the same old, same old! So, alternate his favorites to keep him playing regularly.

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