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Life Lessons We can Learn from our Feline Friends…

Life Lessons We can Learn from our Feline Friends…

Posted by Andrea on 30th May 2020

As we move into the summer season and COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, now might be the perfect time to reflect on the blessings we receive from having a furry family member, or two. I offer this article to our readers, and also to myself.

Living with a cat can bring you joy and pleasure. She can bring you calm in the storm and boundless energy and fun. She can provide you with balance while she grounds you in the present. A cat’s companionship helps you feel connected, even when no one else is around. It has been shown that cats can help your health improve just with the serenity of their presence. They have been known to act as nurses, literally looking after their humans. They have an innate sense of when we are feeling ill or down.

Mainly, their foremost thoughts are about taking the best of care of themselves. With this orientation comes a focus on doing whatever it takes to feel in balance. If we are perceptive enough, this can translate to us, their humans. Let’s focus on a number of traits that cats can so easily teach us just by being themselves…

Living in the Moment: Cats live in the present tense. Kitty isn’t worrying about the past or contemplating what he will do in the future. He is mainly eating, playing, or sleeping. We might be better off by trying to put the focus on similar simple activities. Human anxiety levels would plummet.

Gratefulness: Our kitties appreciate what they have, and they show it. When life brings us challenges, the likes of which we are facing during the pandemic, we need to focus on the positives and whatever good we have in our lives. Be thankful for what you have and for those who care about you. Everything else will eventually fall into place.

Don’t Forget to Play: Have you ever met a young kitty who didn’t want to play? I haven’t. Cats can have fun with the silliest of objects, or no objects. Perhaps we should remember to have our own crazy times. Doing what you enjoy feeds your creativity and stimulates your mind.

Go Outside: I know. Fluffy is strictly your inside companion. But watch how long she spends looking out the window and enjoying the wildlife. Or lying in a sunny patch on the floor. You’re luckier. You can go out and take a walk or a run or sit in a shady spot. So, go do it!

Never Hold Grudges: Note how long Kitty stays angry when you accidentally step on her tail. Not very long. Your cat forgives you within seconds. We can learn from this behavior. Holding grudges keeps us emotionally stuck and unable to move forward. By forgiving and forgetting, our whole being is lighter and we can live in peace with the freedom of not being weighted down by negative thoughts.

Overcoming Fear: Have you experienced your kitten hiding under the bed, only to come out when she learns that it’s safe to be near her special human? She takes her time, putting one paw in front of the other until she is running and jumping all over the house. People are the same way. With enough patience and time, we can overcome just about anything we find difficult or fearful.

Accept Yourself: Cats don’t hold themselves up to unrealistic standards. They know intuitively they are as beautiful as they are meant to be. They waste no time wondering if their looks are imperfect or if they could somehow be improved. We ought to look at ourselves and be proud of our unique features, spending no time wishing we should be better or more beautiful than we already are.

Take the Time to Unwind: Have you noticed that Fluffy can fall asleep in the strangest of places and just about anywhere at any time? Cats invented the term “Cat Nap,” and it’s because they understand the need to calm body and mind. They awaken rejuvenated and with more energy and better concentration. Those of us humans who never unplug would do well to take lessons from their felines.

Loyalty: Your cat will never lie to you and never cheat you out of anything. They are loyal to a fault. You can count on them and their consistency. People are another story. If we would only treat others the way we wish we were treated, our lives would be as smooth-sailing as the lives of our fur families.

Unconditional Love: Even if you yell at Kitty, she loves you. If you’re having a bad day and you’re in a bad mood, she loves you. Even if you need a shower, she loves you. No matter what. Your cat is happy to be around you. She loves you as the unique, perfect human that you are and she wouldn’t trade you for the world. Ahh, but if we could only be as nonjudgmental in our own relationships the world would be a happier place to co-exist.

So, can you see what little sages our furry friends truly are? By replacing our fears and self critiques with self awareness and self confidence, we can let our felines show us how we can be strong enough to handle anything!

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