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How Smart are Cats? Everything You Need to Know

How Smart are Cats? Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Andrea on 17th Dec 2019

Because of their independent natures, cats are sometimes thought not to be as intelligent as dogs. However, remember how quickly they were able to master navigating the various levels on their Armarkat cat tree? This shows that the contrary is true, and that cats are quite intelligent. In fact, cats have twice the amount of neurons in their brains as do dogs. It is basically unfair to compare cats and dogs since the two species are so different: Dogs have pack mentalities and rely on their pack leader. They become involved with the household members in order to connect best with their pack.

Cats don't come when they're called--unless there's something in it for them! Although each species has its introverted and extroverted members, it is more common to find that cats are the introverted ones. Again, this is explained by the fact that dogs need direction from the pack to feel secure. Cats are content to be alone for hours. They are less patient, less tolerant, and they are more impulsive.

The brains of cats are much more complex than dogs and are more similar to the brains of humans. Cats have better long-term memory though some breeds are more intelligent than others. They have the ability to use a variety of gestures, movements, vocalizations and scent signals to communicate everything from fear, anger, happiness, love and aggression to contentment, relaxation, and our personal favorite, annoyance.

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