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Happy Cats-giving! Thanksgiving Foods that are Safe for Most Cats & Kittens

Happy Cats-giving! Thanksgiving Foods that are Safe for Most Cats & Kittens

Posted by Andrea on 1st Dec 2019

Many cats are raised with tasty table scraps, so you can imagine that your favorite feline relishes Thanksgiving as much as you do. In truth, there are a number of Thanksgiving standards from the table that are safe for your cat. Just be sure you follow the guidelines listed here.

First, always keep in mind that your cat is a carnivore and gets most of his vitamins from meat products. Remember to offer mostly meat proteins like turkey, which is extremely healthy for cats. White meat is the best option; no crunchy skin, no bones, and no garnishes like garlic, onions, or other herbs which can be potentially poisonous to cats.

Next up are the sides. Potatoes can be safe for cats as long as the are mashed, plain, and unseasoned without herbs. No milk, dairy or cheese products should be included as many cats are lactose intolerant and could become ill. However, a small amount of plain mashed potatoes should not hurt your kitty.

Vegetables like beans and peas are not only safe but beneficial to cats. You will see these included in many cat foods, whether canned or kibble. They are part of a balanced feline diet. Again, just make sure there are no dairy products like butter, yogurt or sour cream mixed in as these can disrupt sensitive feline digestive systems.

Just remember that cats have special dietary requirements which human food cannot meet, so be judicious when you prepare that special Thanksgiving treat platter for kitty. For more, go to this link: