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Happy 2020! To the 10 Best Cat Trees of 2019...

Happy 2020! To the 10 Best Cat Trees of 2019...

Posted by Andrea on 5th Jan 2020

Now that the New Year is at hand, it's the perfect time to revisit the top cat trees of the past year. As is so often the case, Armarkat's cat trees are generally included in these lists. In this latest collection from the We're All About Cats blog, the reviews are based upon hands-on testing and extensive research.

Since sites such as these try to stay objective, to avoid bias they don't accept free products or write sponsored posts.

Your cat tree is a healthy outlet for your cat's natural instincts. Destructive behavior, such as scratching furniture, is minimized while your cat's physical and psychological health is maximized. The best cat trees are sturdy furniture providing environmental enrichment for your cat with excellent design that complements your home decor and a price that fits your budget.

The best qualities in cat trees include solid wood or engineered wood construction under coverings that are high quality faux fur, faux fleece or carpeting. The best cat trees are sturdy and are built to hold up against feline running, chasing, and playing.

With 20 years of experience, it doesn't surprise us to see Armarkat featured at the top of this blog. Armarkat is known as one of the best companies in the industry, supplying cat trees, pet beds, carriers and playpens that are reasonable in price and constructed to last. Armarkat is one of the only companies to carry replacement parts--if they are needed--for your cat trees.

In this blog's Top 10 List, you will find the Armakat Classic Cat Tree B5301, selected as No. 1, overall. It is a great value that combines price, durability and secure height for your cat. Next, you will find Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B7301, which was chosen as Best Large Cat Tree, for many of the same reasons.

As we move into 2020, we at Armarkat strive to bring you the same quality, durability and engineering for safety you have come to expect from our products. Here's to older products and new products, all with the same value and quality you and your felines deserve in the New Year. To learn more about these two cat trees and to see their other selections, go to: