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Fun Facts About Cats

Posted by Angie on 3rd Sep 2019

Fun facts about cats.

1  ) Do you know that female cats are usually right pawed.

2  ) Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears.

3  ) Cats spend most of their time sleeping.

4  ) Having a cat can reduce stroke
5  ) Cats can't taste sweet.
6  ) Cats purr to self-heal.
7  ) Often times, cats are lactose intolerant.
8  ) Raw fish is not always good for cats.
9  ) Cats can make 90+ sounds.
10) Cats and human have similar emotion.
11) Cats are likely smarter than dogs.
12) Cats can jump six times its length.
13) Cats' sign of aggression is when they leave their poop uncovered.
14) Cats sweat through their foot pads.
15) Cats' noses are unique like fingerprints of people.
16) Cats lick themselves so they can get your scent off.
17) Cats see better than humans at night.
18) Cats mark their territory by rubbing against something or someone.
19) Cats get sick when their routines are changed.
20) Cats use their whiskers in crazy ways.

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