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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Cat Tree…

Posted by Andrea on 13th Jun 2020

How do you pick the right cat tree for your feline? Armarkat is here to help with this decision about the most important piece of furniture Fluffy will ever own.

The cat tree has become almost a staple--and with good reason: You will not find anything else as beneficial for kitty as this all-in-one destination for cat climbing, playing, scratching, hiding and sleeping. Let’s talk about how the cat’s life in the wild was the precursor to the cat furniture inside your home today.

First, think of the wild cat high up in the trees. They are there to survey their territory and be ever vigilant for predators or other animals who could become a threat. From the tree, they can stalk their prey as well as hide there when they deem it important not to be seen. When not on alert, they can while away the hours snoozing in the uppermost branches until twilight comes and they wake up to go on the hunt. That explains how and why the indoor cat tree has developed from the jungle trees of the wild with their untamed inhabitants.

So, when you are selecting Fluffy’s indoor tree, look primarily for sturdy design and easy access between levels. Look for condos for hiding and perches for sleeping and surveying. Look for coverings or wood surfaces that are designed so Kitty can’t slip when racing to and fro upon the tree—or from across the room, up the various levels, and onto the tippy top!

To determine the best posts, again think about the wild cat who claims his territory by leaving his scent by scratching. Good scratching posts provide this along with the opportunity to get a good stretch while grooming claws at the same time. Armarkat uses specially seasoned sisal rope that makes its posts the most effective you will find. Scratching posts keep human furniture intact. Be glad.

Next, let’s consider the hiding spots that felines prefer whether they wish to remain unseen by predators, or just want to feel safe while napping. Reviewing these elements, you will find condos and playhouses of all shapes and sizes. You might notice hammocks and various sizes and shapes of perches throughout the tree. They can be high up or low to the ground. Fluffy will quickly show you her preference.

Don’t forget the toys! Most trees come with all kinds of paraphernalia that will encourage cat play. Energetic cats will race around and get their exercise attacking hanging balls and the like. Armarkat’s trees feature running ramps, swinging ropes and other fun enticements to keep them occupied for their busy times. Lazy cats may bat at hanging toys as they laze comfortably. Don’t forget to take your cat’s lifestage into consideration when selecting the most appropriate tree. Baby kittens are typically the runners while older cats will be much more sedentary.

The milieu is also important. A huge cat tree in a small apartment is a no-go. If you have multiple cats, you will want a larger, more sprawling model with a higher maximum holding weight. Always take holding weight into consideration. You do not want too many cats on a tree with a lower holding weight than can safely support them. Armarkat trees are engineered to hold a very specific weight. Safety should never be compromised by altering the balance with too much cat weight on too small a tree.

Try to plan the space before you buy. An empty corner by a sunny window is perfect so kitty can watch the outdoors to her heart’s content. Make sure you purchase a tree that you can live happily with as well. Trees may blend seamlessly with your colors and human furniture, or they may be provide a conversation piece. Like decor, some are traditional, some ultra-modern.

Next, make sure the coverings can be easily cleaned. Armarkat’s coverings range from silky faux fur to cozy faux fleece to premium carpeting. All can be easily spot-cleaned. They come up like new every time.

Finally, consider the investment. Inexpensive cat trees are meant to be replaced after a year or two. Your Armarkat tree will last for years and years. Make sure the bolts are regularly tightened and replace any posts that are destroyed by aggressive scratchers. Armarkat has an entire selection of replacement parts if needed for each of its almost 200 different tree designs.

Why so many? Because cats are as individual as people, and the environments in which they will be used are equally different. For your selection, Armarkat carries the tiniest of scratchers up to the tallest trees that top 80 inches in height. Again, consider the ages and weights of your cats as well as their mobility. An older cat will need a shorter distance between the levels and may not want to scamper up to a very tall perch.

Lastly, before you buy take the time to observe Fluffy. Note where she likes to climb, scratch, and lounge. This will go a long way to informing your decision. Combine her preferences with your own, and you will not go wrong. Most cats immediately begin to climb and play the minute their tree is barely assembled. If Fluffy is a bit timid, get her confidence by introducing the various levels with a wand toy and entice her with treats. For further information, go to:

Armarkat A5806

Giant cat condo with hammocks and cat scratchers