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Easy Tips to Get Your Cat to Like You

Easy Tips to Get Your Cat to Like You

Posted by Angie on 18th Sep 2019

I have heard so many cat parents complained about their cats being unfriendly to them and their cats are friendlier with their guests.  Here are some tips to get your cat to like you.
1) Let the cat make the first move.  We often are temped to pet our cats; however, according to two Swiss studies that the best approach is to let the cats call the shot.  Does this sound familiar that when you sit back and focus on something else, like reading a book, your cat is more likely to approach you and sit on your laps?  This is because the cats want to be the one to make the decision on when to interact with you.
2) Mimic the way cats approach each other.  It is greet each other nose to nose.  This may be a bit difficult to do because in order for your to get close to its nose, you would have to be make the first move.  So you need to do it in a non-threatening way by offering a finger at their nose level, a few inches away.  When the cat comes to you and sniff your finger and may rub into it, you have a successful greeting.
3) Cats are like dogs in some ways.  They are very sensitive to touch and tend to like being touched in certain places more than others.  In general, they don't like to be petted in the tail.  In most cases, they like to be petted on the forehead area and the cheeks.  Of course, each animal is different.  You can start from here and then figure out the best spot on your cat.  If you got the right spot, the cat usually show positive response like purring, blinking or kneading their paws.
4) Give the cat some space may be important too.  If you notices the cat is having negative response to your actions, it is time for you to back off.  Some of the signs of negative response are hissing, biting, flattening their ears, looking at your hand, or twitching their tails.
5) Play with them and socialize with them when they are young.  A few minutes of play time each day will help your kittens grow up to be friendlier and more trusting of humans. 
6) Observation, observation, observation.  If you are able to notice your cat's every response to your actions, you will find yourself having easier time to figure out when to back off and when to play.

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